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Birthday Banner Card

Now that their birthdays have past, I can share the card that I made for my mom’s 75th birthday and Kelly’s 27th birthday.


When you open it up, there is a fun hanging birthday banner.


It is made with Washi Tape. If you’ve never heard of Washi tape, it’s fun, colorful, patterned crafting tape that has been all the rage for several years.


This was a fun, cute project that I enjoyed putting together for two special women in my life!


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Weekend Project

This is a before shot from when we completed the backyard landscaping.


Not exactly the same view, but here is the after:


Not only does it hide the pool equipment, it gives us a place to hang pool towels.


I found an assortment of cute hangers at Hobby Lobby that I hung after I painted the fence with some paint that I had from other projects.


Or course, Carl installed the posts and created the fencing for me first.


Teamwork! I love the cute and functional addition to the pool area. The pool just has to warm up about 20 degrees so we can start going in it again.



Saturday in the Burg

My friend, Dee, was disappointed that she couldn’t make the October craft night, where we made the wooden pumpkin set. I told her that I would give her a private class if she had us over and had her husband prep the wood pieces for us. So on Saturday, Carl and I drove out to the boonies (about 40 minutes from our house) to Middleburg, Florida (aka, “The Burg”).


Dee did a fabulous job and her pumpkins turned out so cute. This is definitely my favorite craft night project to date.


Since I had started preparations for a November craft night that didn’t quite pan out, I had the makings for 20 Thanksgiving cards which I brought with me as well. Dee had fun making a bunch of cards for her family. I’m not going to show a photo though since my relatives can expect to see the card very soon.

Since we were out in the boonies, Dee and Eddy decided it was only appropriate to take us shooting so we drove to their son’s property with their guns and Eddy set up a target for us.


After giving us some basic safety instructions, Eddy let us both try shooting their pistols.



It was scary but exhilarating at the same time! It is amazing the amount of power in that little pistol and I can’t imagine being hit by the force of that bullet. I actually did not do too bad for my first time shooting ever…all my bullets hit the target (shown by the circled bullet holes).


I know just what to get Carl for Christmas now.


This was my best Charlie’s Angels pose…I look like a maniacal dork!


After our shooting adventure, we returned to Dee and Eddy’s house for a fabulous dinner of lamb chops, asparagus and salad.


Since Dee and Eddy are starting a low-carb diet, we spent a lot of time coaching them on what to eat and sharing the tips that we’ve learned along the way. We wish them much success on their low-carb journey!

Finally, we ended the night with a few rounds of Dominoes (for which I failed to get a photo). It was a super fun day and evening with our good friends and we are so happy to have them in our lives. We look forward to doing it again soon!


Thanks Dee and Eddy for a great day!





October Craft Night

At long last, I finally held another craft night on Friday.  I have had several people ask if I was going to ever host one again and I was inspired by a cute project I saw on Pinterest, so I decided it was time.

OctCraftNight (6).JPG

It was actually supposed to be last Friday but Jacksonville hosted a hurricane instead. So it was postponed for a week. But that gave Carl and I things to do while we waited out the hurricane. The day prior to the big storm, Carl helped me cut 4×4 posts into the proper sizes (10″, 7″ and 4″).


Then he drilled holes in the tops of each wood block to insert the “stems,” which were dowels that he cut into 2 inch pieces.


During the hurricane, while we lost power and had nothing else to do, we painted the wood blocks with the base color.


During craft night, the ladies used vinyl circles (that I had precut on my Cricut) and painter’s tape to cover the blocks. Then we painted the opposite color over the top of the whole block, allowed it to dry and then removed to circles and tape. The real magic came when we sanded the edges and across the surface to give the rough, textured finish…my favorite part of the process! The final step was to insert the pre-painted stems and tie on some raffia. Since I have a hard time giving directions, helping everyone, keeping things moving and socializing, I never remember to take any photos during the evening. But these are some of the finished products by the ladies.


Funny story….after Carl and I did the prep work during the hurricane, I had some free time on Monday and ended up setting up the dining room table to prepare for craft night on Friday.


Carl made fun of how I had perfectly lined up the blocks in front of each place at the table. The next morning, I noticed this at one of the place settings.


Although my instinct was to straighten out the blocks, I knew that would only fuel the fire. The next morning, Carl took it up a notch.


I still refused to move the blocks, knowing that it would give him the victory. The next day, he tried this…


Nope, I still refused to move them. Until shortly before the ladies started arriving, that is. I couldn’t let them think I was some type of heathen with the blocks all askew. Ha!

This was probably my favorite Craft Night project to date. I had several participants ask for another card-making night as well so that is probably I will do next month. I’m glad to once again be hosting these fun nights in my home again.




Wordless Wednesday: Projects

Remember I had a pile of leftovers from my headboard project? I found two ways to use them up and tie the room together.

The first was to make a wooden tray.

It holds the candles on the corner of my dresser and makes it easy to move them for cleaning.

The second way was to make a little sign for the side of Carl’s armoire.


For both projects, I just hot-glued the pieces together. For the sign, I painted the “M” in the background and then used my cricut to cut out vinyl letters for the rest.


Quick and easy!


Sand Dollar Project

After bringing home 14 sand dollars from St. Simons Island, I spent a few days bleaching them and drying them in the sun. The darker ones needed a few soaks in the bleach water to turn them white. After a trip to Hobby Lobby for a shadow box frame, which already had a pretty burlap background, I then picked out my 9 favorite sand dollars and hot glued them to the burlap backing.

I printed “sea island, georgia” onto cream-colored cardstock and punched it out with a punch I had. I affixed it to the burlap with two beaded pins that came with the frame.


Then I hung it on the wall leading into the kitchen.


Easy Peasy! Now we have a fun reminder of our great getaway to Georgia and my first sand dollar collection.

Sorry for the glare on the photos. It’s really hard to take pictures of glass.


March Ladies Craft Night

I’ve been bad about posting after my first two Ladies Craft nights at my house.

I didn’t make a blog post in December but we made two sets of stamped Tumble Tile coasters. I apparently didn’t take any photos either. Bad blogger.

I didn’t make a blog post in February but we made 2 sets of 4 different handmade cards (8 cards total per person) using a variety of different techniques.

Craft Night

That class was a favorite and those that attended said they’d like to do it again another time.

This month (March), a small but dedicated group (just my two neighbors and one other friend) gathered to make two decoupage projects…a flower pot and a glass jar (for a candle holder or pencil holder or candy dish or whatever). I especially love the look of the glass jars…so pretty!


These have been fun evenings together with friends, sharing my passion for being creative and making cute projects. With dwindling attendees, I am reconsidering holding them on a monthly basis. I may wait a few months before scheduling another craft night. I may also try switching the night each time due to various commitments of those that want to attend. Or maybe I’ll just hold quarterly card-making nights since the feedback was very good on that class. Whatever I decide, I look forward to coming up with more fun projects to share with friends at some point.


Wordless Wednesday: Flip Flop Wreath


Purchased 5 pairs of flip flops and 3 sets of flowers from the Dollar Tree (and hotglued onto a wreath form from Wal-mart)…total cost of around $10.


Which Way?

Last week I posted this little teaser on my blog.

NovBack (10)

I’ve been working on a special project for that post over the past few weeks which involved cutting cedar fence pickets to size, painting, googling, writing, sealing and installing.

I’m excited to show the finished project:

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November Craft Night

Last night was the second Ladies Craft Night at my house. It was a smaller crowd, which turned out to be a good thing since this project was more labor intensive and took a bit longer to get everybody’s supplies prepared.

Me, my neighbor Dedie, Brenda and Michelle

We made reversible holiday block signs (from an idea I had seen on Pinterest). After purchasing (3) 2x4s, I had Zack cut the blocks to size for me using a chop saw and then I painted them with white chalk paint in advance.

Yes, I see that the “n” and the “a” were reversed in the front set…oops!

The ladies picked out their background papers and chose a color for their letters and I cut them out for them on the Cricut machine.  It took quite a while to get everything cut out and I don’t think I could have handled too many more people for this project. Then the background paper and letters were adhered to the blocks with modge podge.

After Thanksgiving, you can flip the blocks around to display the opposite side.


These would look so cute displayed on a mantel (which is where I plan to put mine).


I think the ladies all did a fantastic job!