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Ladies Craft Night

I mentioned to a crafty friend at church, Sharlyn, that we were long overdue for a craft night but I had run out of ideas. She suggested making painted wooden signs and offered to provide all the materials if I hosted at my house. Deal!

This is the idea that she found online.

I didn’t have much to do other than set out some drinks and snacks for the 8 ladies that signed up to come.

Sharlyn brought the prepared boards and precut vinyl and the ladies affixed the vinyl to the boards. (It was actually a multi-step process that involved carefully removing the letters with tooth-picks to leave the reverse image, adhering transfer tape, affixing the vinyl to the wood and removing the transfer tape.)

From L to R: Alissa, Jaime, me, Melissa, Sharlyn, Claudia, Pat, Sara, and Michelle

Then we painted the words, using the vinyl as our stencil.

When we were done painting and peeled off the vinyl, we had lovely signs.

Here’s a closer look at mine.

Look how cute it looks on my mantel…

I love it. It was a fun night of creating and fellowship with some of my favorite people (although I missed a few women that couldn’t make it)! I look forward to hosting more craft nights with Sharlyn in the future.

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The Windows

In the last blog post, I posted these two photo with a sneak peek of my latest projects…

It’s our new old windows that we brought back from Memphis. Sue and Karl replaced the windows in their 40-year old house this year and saved us some for some fun projects.

The first project was this pair of windows that I put over our outdoor seating area. I found some tropical prints to adhere to the backs of the windows for this whimsical look.

I found those cute candle holders at Hobby Lobby to flank the windows and give some atmosphere when entertaining.

I love the new look!

I placed another window on the fence by our fire pit area and affixed some colored starfish.

I love this look too and it’s finally cooling off enough that we may be able to have a fire soon.

One last window went over our master bed, decorated with a wreath and flanked by candle holders again.

I like how the window and picket fence headboard give a sweet, cottage feel.

I really had fun decorating each window in a unique way in three different areas.

Which one is your favorite?

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Weekend Project

On Saturday, I posted the following on Instagram…

That was the kiss of death because shortly after that my sewing machine died. After trying to fix it, then giving up, borrowing a machine from my neighbor and watching numerous YouTube videos to figure out how to work it, I was finally back in business.

What was I working on? Remember these outdoor lanai curtains from painter’s tarps I made early last year after seeing them all over Pinterest?

What the Pinterest posts failed to tell me was that the humid Florida weather would make them look like this in just under two years…

curtains (1)

curtains (2)

Because they are so big and bulky, I can’t really wash them. Plus, even if I could, they’d be extremely wrinkled and need to be ironed and that’s just not going to happen. When I accidentally buy something that needs to be ironed after washing, it immediately goes into the donation pile. Ironing is just not my thing…ha!

So after trying to figure out a replacement solution, I had the inspiration to make new curtains out of shower curtains, which would be moisture and mildew resistant. However, they were too short right out of the package so I had to find a water resistant fabric to make a border at the top, which I found on clearance online.

After about 8 hours on Saturday, I had beautiful new replacements. Here is a comparison of the old and new curtains…

And here is the finished product…

I love them so much! And because this material is so light weight, they can be easily washed in the washing machine with no ironing needed. Hooray! I am really hoping that they will last longer than the other ones.

The only negative is that the fabric on top is only one sided. So there is no pattern on the back side.

But I still think they look better than the dirty, moldy tarps.

I started another project this weekend too which I will be sharing after I finish them up (there are some hints in the photos above if you are observant). Stay tuned!


Birthday Banner Card

Now that their birthdays have past, I can share the card that I made for my mom’s 75th birthday and Kelly’s 27th birthday.


When you open it up, there is a fun hanging birthday banner.


It is made with Washi Tape. If you’ve never heard of Washi tape, it’s fun, colorful, patterned crafting tape that has been all the rage for several years.


This was a fun, cute project that I enjoyed putting together for two special women in my life!


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Weekend Project

This is a before shot from when we completed the backyard landscaping.


Not exactly the same view, but here is the after:


Not only does it hide the pool equipment, it gives us a place to hang pool towels.


I found an assortment of cute hangers at Hobby Lobby that I hung after I painted the fence with some paint that I had from other projects.


Or course, Carl installed the posts and created the fencing for me first.


Teamwork! I love the cute and functional addition to the pool area. The pool just has to warm up about 20 degrees so we can start going in it again.


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Saturday in the Burg

My friend, Dee, was disappointed that she couldn’t make the October craft night, where we made the wooden pumpkin set. I told her that I would give her a private class if she had us over and had her husband prep the wood pieces for us. So on Saturday, Carl and I drove out to the boonies (about 40 minutes from our house) to Middleburg, Florida (aka, “The Burg”).


Dee did a fabulous job and her pumpkins turned out so cute. This is definitely my favorite craft night project to date.


Since I had started preparations for a November craft night that didn’t quite pan out, I had the makings for 20 Thanksgiving cards which I brought with me as well. Dee had fun making a bunch of cards for her family. I’m not going to show a photo though since my relatives can expect to see the card very soon.

Since we were out in the boonies, Dee and Eddy decided it was only appropriate to take us shooting so we drove to their son’s property with their guns and Eddy set up a target for us.


After giving us some basic safety instructions, Eddy let us both try shooting their pistols.



It was scary but exhilarating at the same time! It is amazing the amount of power in that little pistol and I can’t imagine being hit by the force of that bullet. I actually did not do too bad for my first time shooting ever…all my bullets hit the target (shown by the circled bullet holes).


I know just what to get Carl for Christmas now.


This was my best Charlie’s Angels pose…I look like a maniacal dork!


After our shooting adventure, we returned to Dee and Eddy’s house for a fabulous dinner of lamb chops, asparagus and salad.


Since Dee and Eddy are starting a low-carb diet, we spent a lot of time coaching them on what to eat and sharing the tips that we’ve learned along the way. We wish them much success on their low-carb journey!

Finally, we ended the night with a few rounds of Dominoes (for which I failed to get a photo). It was a super fun day and evening with our good friends and we are so happy to have them in our lives. We look forward to doing it again soon!


Thanks Dee and Eddy for a great day!




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October Craft Night

At long last, I finally held another craft night on Friday.  I have had several people ask if I was going to ever host one again and I was inspired by a cute project I saw on Pinterest, so I decided it was time.

OctCraftNight (6).JPG

It was actually supposed to be last Friday but Jacksonville hosted a hurricane instead. So it was postponed for a week. But that gave Carl and I things to do while we waited out the hurricane. The day prior to the big storm, Carl helped me cut 4×4 posts into the proper sizes (10″, 7″ and 4″).


Then he drilled holes in the tops of each wood block to insert the “stems,” which were dowels that he cut into 2 inch pieces.


During the hurricane, while we lost power and had nothing else to do, we painted the wood blocks with the base color.


During craft night, the ladies used vinyl circles (that I had precut on my Cricut) and painter’s tape to cover the blocks. Then we painted the opposite color over the top of the whole block, allowed it to dry and then removed to circles and tape. The real magic came when we sanded the edges and across the surface to give the rough, textured finish…my favorite part of the process! The final step was to insert the pre-painted stems and tie on some raffia. Since I have a hard time giving directions, helping everyone, keeping things moving and socializing, I never remember to take any photos during the evening. But these are some of the finished products by the ladies.


Funny story….after Carl and I did the prep work during the hurricane, I had some free time on Monday and ended up setting up the dining room table to prepare for craft night on Friday.


Carl made fun of how I had perfectly lined up the blocks in front of each place at the table. The next morning, I noticed this at one of the place settings.


Although my instinct was to straighten out the blocks, I knew that would only fuel the fire. The next morning, Carl took it up a notch.


I still refused to move the blocks, knowing that it would give him the victory. The next day, he tried this…


Nope, I still refused to move them. Until shortly before the ladies started arriving, that is. I couldn’t let them think I was some type of heathen with the blocks all askew. Ha!

This was probably my favorite Craft Night project to date. I had several participants ask for another card-making night as well so that is probably I will do next month. I’m glad to once again be hosting these fun nights in my home again.