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Family Time

On Sunday, more home projects were completed (including taking down a lattice wall and chopping down a dozen trees in the backyard) but we also found time to play some games together.

8.4.19 Game Day (1)

I brought two new games with me… Exploding Kittens and LCR Wild and we had fun with both but there is a little bit more of a learning curve with the Kittens. And of course, we had to revert to the new family favorite of 4-Up 4-Down.

We had hamburgers on the grill before Jim had to leave for his return flight home.

8.4.19 Game Day (2)

I am so happy that Sue had all three kids home with her for a few days.

8.4.19 Game Day (6)

The best gift ever!

8.4.19 Game Day (5)

Carl and I had a somewhat less eventful return trip home. After boarding our plane and getting comfortable, the pilot announced that due to weather in Orlando, the FAA was holding our flight for an hour. So instead of arriving back in Orlando at 7:30pm on Monday, we arrived at 8:30pm. By the time we got our luggage, took the shuttle to the car park lot and drove the 2+ hours from Orlando, we arrived home around midnight. YAWN!

It was a hectic but great weekend away and we are so grateful for every moment of family time. Until next time!

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Sue’s Birthday

Saturday morning was spent completing all sorts of home maintenance projects for Leslie and Sue/Karl. Carl went over to Leslie’s house to help her with trimming her bushes.

8.3.19 Leslie's (1)

Jim worked at Sue and Karl’s house setting up automatic sensors on all of their outdoor light fixtures (so the lights go on and off by themselves). I worked on all of their electronic/technological needs :).

After attending mass together, with Marilyn, we took Sue out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

8.3.19 Birthday Dinner (3)

We all returned to Sue and Karl’s house for after-dinner drinks.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (1)

Sue opened all of her cards from family and friends.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (2)

And then we had one more surprise for Sue…an Ipad from all of her children. It’s a great upgrade from the Amazon Fire tablet Sue has been using for years.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (8)

It was a great day (and weekend) spent celebrating a very special woman.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (4)

I am grateful for the role-model that she is of patience, kindness and love.

A very happy Birthday to Sue!

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After finally getting to Memphis and crashing at Marilyn’s house for the night, we woke up and got ourselves ready to finally surprise Sue at home. Carl’s sister, Leslie, met us at Marilyn’s house and the four of us drove over together. Marilyn rang the front doorbell while we hid to the side. After Sue answered the door, Marilyn said “You forgot something last night” and we popped out and greeted Sue. It was great fun and Sue got all teary-eyed, so it was worth it!

8.2.19 Marilyns (1)

We sat around and visited for the afternoon. Leslie left for a while to go take care of her kitty and when she returned, she had surprise #2…Carl’s brother, Jim, also surprised Sue for the weekend.

8.2.19 Marilyns (3)

So Sue had all three of her children home with her…what more could a mother ask for?

Marilyn, a truly gracious and hospitable friend, had us all over on Friday night for a great BBQ dinner and drinks. We are so thankful for Marilyn helping us to make the surprises happen and for putting us up at the last minute after all of our delays. Thanks Marilyn!


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Memphis Weekend

It was my mother-in-law’s MAJOR birthday (I’m not allowed to mention a number but it’s the same year that the Wizard of Oz was released and the Worlds Fair opened in New York) over the weekend so Carl and I thought it would be a special gift to fly in for the weekend to celebrate with her. But first we had to actually get there.

We started by buying round trip tickets on Frontier airlines for super cheap to go from Thursday until Sunday. Unfortunately, the tickets were out of Orlando but they were direct flights.

But a week prior to leaving, I woke to an email asking me to call Frontier regarding our tickets. Turns out Frontier canceled all return trips on Sunday. There were no other options until the following Thursday. Nope, that’s not gonna work so we accepted $250 vouchers each for our canceled flights. After investigating all options, I finally found some decent return flights on Southwest for Monday.

Last Thursday, our trip started with driving in a torrential downpour to Orlando. After finally getting there and getting to our gate in plenty of time, we sat and waited for boarding. Shortly before boarding, they announced that they were “Swapping Planes” and we’d be leaving from a new gate. After getting to the new gate, Carl stood at the window and watched them start loading luggage onto the plane. Then he noticed them standing around the engine with tools. Then he watched them start unloading luggage from the plane. The aircraft staff (pilot and flight attendant), who had been standing near the gate waiting with us, suddenly disappeared. And that’s when we looked up and noticed this:

8.1.19 Traveling (1)

After a confusing 10-minutes, they finally announced that we needed to return to the check-in counters at the front of the airport for further instructions. After making a beeline to the front and waiting in line, we were finally given papers that gave us the option to 1) cancel the trip and get $500 vouchers from Frontier or 2) rebook on another airline (with the cost to be reimbursed by Frontier) and get a $100 voucher each. We went with option 2 and frantically got on my cell phone and attempted to book new flights with United Airlines before everyone else got all the seats. Done, but unfortunately they were not direct and we now needed to travel to Houston first.

After starting to run to our gate for the flight leaving in 1-1/2 hours (originally it was scheduled to leave in 1/2 hour but thankfully, it was delayed an hour), we stopped and said “WAIT! What about the luggage?” only to read the notice on the bottom of the paper that said we needed to pick up our luggage at baggage claim and recheck it with new airline. Done.

After starting to run to towards security, we stopped and said “WAIT! What about our TSA Known Traveler Priority Access?” (because the security lines were ridiculous and we didn’t have time to wait), we returned to the United counter and got new boarding passes with our TSA Precheck.

8.1.19 Traveling (2)

Finally, we got to our new gate and made the flight and arrived in Houston with a two hour wait before our final flight. Shortly before that flight was to board, we again heard those dreaded words “Folks, we are going to have a slight delay while we swap planes.” SWAP PLANES…again? We were sure that meant that they would end up canceling it and we’d be stuck in Houston for the night but luckily, after an hour delay while they changed a tire on the plane, we were in the air, arriving in Memphis at 1:00am.

Instead of arriving in Memphis at 5:30 pm, Ubering to Marilyn’s (Sue’s friend) house, where we would walk in and surprise Sue as I had arranged with Marilyn, we got to Marilyn’s at 1:40am, used the key hidden under the door mat, quietly snuck upstairs to the guest bedroom and crashed for the night until we could surprise Sue the next day.


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Chicago Weekend

About a month ago, when I found out that my youngest brother, Brad, was flying to Chicago for the first time in 6 years and that my other brother, Rob, was having a big birthday celebration for two of his kids and that my oldest brother, John, would be driving up from southern Illinois for the weekend festivities, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be together with all three of my brothers…the first time since Rob got married 6 years ago! I knew that my mom would be over-the-moon to have us all home together!

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (1)

I tried to make it a surprise for them but my husband accidentally let it slip when I was talking to my mom on the phone the week prior. It was good because it gave her time to prepare and make sure she had clean sheets and plenty of vodka on hand! Ha! When I walked into Rob’s house for the party, he just smiled and said “Hi Kris” like he was expecting me all along.

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (5)

Pretty much the same thing when my dad saw me too. At least my sister-in-law, Lisa, was surprised! I’m glad that my Aunt Gale and my niece, Bryanna, came also so I could spend time with them too.

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (7)

There were probably about 40 adults and 20 kids running around the backyard. Rob and Lisa had all provided kiddie pools, bouncy house, water slides, tents for shade and lots of good food. It was a little bit of madness on a hot and sultry day! The party reminded me of the wild and crazy family parties that Carl and I would have each summer when we lived in Illinois when we would invite all the relatives on all sides, along with friends and neighbors.

The next day, my Aunt Gale had most of the family (Rob and Lisa were recuperating from the party) over to her house so that we could eat some Chicago pizza and visit with my dad in a little calmer setting.

7.14.19 Pizza at Gale (3)

Of course, because it was Gale, we spent some time “in the position” with martinis.

7.14.19 Pizza at Gale (1)

It was really nice of Gale to have us all over to spend some more quality family time together. Thanks Gale!

Since we had some time before the party of Saturday morning, John, Laurie and I partook in their favorite hobby of geocaching.

7.13 Geocaching

We found two of of the three caches we looked for, including the tarantula token hiding under a light post.

After Brad found out that I was coming in, he told mom “I’m not playing any games!” After we harassed him into playing and taught him how to play the new family favorite of 4 Up and 4 Down, he actually liked it and played with us willingly each night.

7.12 Game Night

We followed up with an episode each night of the Netflix Series, Russian Dolls, and now we all have to finish the season and report back to each other on our weekly video call on Sunday!

It was a short and sweet (just Friday afternoon until very early Monday morning…what was I ever thinking in booking a return flight home at 7 am????) visit but I am so glad to have spent time with my family, especially all three of my brothers and my mom, this weekend. Can’t wait to see them all together again in 6 more years…maybe at the new house that Brad plans on buying in the near future!

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Finally, a New Project!

The problem with buying a house that you really love, is that there is not much that needs to be done. And I’m okay with that because it just gives me more time to float around the pool with my cocktails and Kindle. But there is one area that has been bugging me for the past year. I had a hard time finding a good photo of the area but finally found this one from a previous Christmas.

Kitchen Light (5)

It’s the kitchen bar area with these Craigslist stools that I bought shortly after moving in and recovered the seats with fun, colorful fabric. Over time, I fell out of love with the stools, mainly because they felt wobbly all the time, even after we tighten them. And the other issue is Zack and his apparently dirty knees. I’m blaming Zack because he is the only one that sits there on a regular basis.


You can see how dirty and gross the area was becoming (although the color is really bad in this photo).


So the first step was to find some cute, new beachy stools on Facebook Swip Swap. I found these 4 almost brand new stools for just $200 and made Zack get up at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning to go with me so I wouldn’t be accosted and murdered. (Thanks Zack!) I sold my old stools for $80. So the net cost of the stools was just $120!


The next step was to do something about the wall that would hide the dirt and grime in the future. I went to Lowe’s and had some 4′ x 8′ sheets of Luan (very thin plywood) cut down into 6 inch strips. After carefully measuring the wall and determining where the studs were, I cut the strips into various size lengths.


Next, I stained the wood pieces in three different colors.


However, after showing Carl my progress so far, my husband requested a somewhat more rustic look. Plus the dark and medium stain were really much more similar in real life. So I ended up putting some blue paint on the medium color boards and then sanding ALL the boards down to make them appear more worn and rustic. I then laid the boards out to plan out the installation and make sure it looked just the way that I wanted.


To prep the wall, since there will be a slight space between each board, I painted dark brown where the edges of the boards will fall so blue doesn’t show through and the wall blends in.


Next, I enlisted the help of the local handyman to actually put the boards up. Since the Luan is so thin and light, it went in easily with small finishing nails.


After just a few hours, we had a beautiful, new wood wall.


We finished off the raw edge on the left with a thin piece of luan.

img_1246With the new stools, it was the perfect, rustic, beachy vibe that I was going for!img_1243img_1244The wood wall cost $68 in materials (two sheets of luan and 3 cans of stain), plus $9 for two new bronze outlet covers for a grand total of $77 dollars. Quite a bargain for the big impact that it makes!

Now if only I could convince my husband to let me get a cute, new white, round dining table :). Then the area would really be complete!




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CAM Consulting/KLM Bookkeeping

So a month ago, I told you about Carl’s job search. At that time, he had turned down a full-time position with SMG and was going to begin working with them as an independent contractor. After doing so, the Finance Director kept after Carl about working with them full-time and Carl kept saying “then come up with more money.” Well, last week, SMG came up with more money! This morning, he begins his permanent, full-time position with them as Accounting Manager. We do lose our NFL retiree medical insurance but SMG actually has even better insurance. So now Carl just has to work with them for 9 years until he reaches 65 :). In case you were wondering, it seems like doors were closing with the other position that he was interested in which was another factor in him accepting this job. Congratulations Carl on your new position!


Occasionally, when I am having a slow week of work, I will look at ads on Craigslist for a one-day a week bookkeeper to add a regular client to my repertoire. I have found two new clients in the past that way (one who was one full day once a week – although it is now down to every other week usually – and one who is one full day once a month). I recently responded to one of those ads and after talking with the owner of a bookkeeping company last week, I have accepted a part-time position with her firm. It will actually be 15-20 hours a week or more! But the pay was too good to pass up and she is my spirit twin…we are both bookkeepers, we are close in age, she has three kids, she was born and raised in Arizona and loves Tucson, she is a professional organizer, etc, etc. Plus, most of the work will still be done from my home, with only the occasional necessity to go to a client’s office. I am going to do that in addition to keeping the 10 clients that I work with on my own, so I’ll be approaching full-time work some/most weeks. So yay for me (I think)!

Side note: When I was discussing the potential new client with my husband, unsure of if I wanted to take on that much more work, he said “what do I have to give you for you to take it? A new used car?” I immediately jumped on the offer (seeing as I’m driving a 16 year old Lexus). So I’m documenting it here. After working for 4-6 months, my husband has promised to replace my vehicle. There’s no going back now, Carl! These are my witnesses.