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Sue’s Birthday

Saturday morning was spent completing all sorts of home maintenance projects for Leslie and Sue/Karl. Carl went over to Leslie’s house to help her with trimming her bushes.

8.3.19 Leslie's (1)

Jim worked at Sue and Karl’s house setting up automatic sensors on all of their outdoor light fixtures (so the lights go on and off by themselves). I worked on all of their electronic/technological needs :).

After attending mass together, with Marilyn, we took Sue out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

8.3.19 Birthday Dinner (3)

We all returned to Sue and Karl’s house for after-dinner drinks.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (1)

Sue opened all of her cards from family and friends.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (2)

And then we had one more surprise for Sue…an Ipad from all of her children. It’s a great upgrade from the Amazon Fire tablet Sue has been using for years.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (8)

It was a great day (and weekend) spent celebrating a very special woman.

8.3.19 Sue's 80th Birthday (4)

I am grateful for the role-model that she is of patience, kindness and love.

A very happy Birthday to Sue!

5 thoughts on “Sue’s Birthday”

  1. What an amazing birthday!! Everyone looks wonderful and it seems it was a great birthday celebration. Bonus points for all the hard work you all did in the yard and home.


  2. I am truly blessed having such a loving family who besides being wonderful human beings, are very generous with their exceptional abilities. Leslie was ever grateful for all the work Carl did to improve her property. We were more then grateful for Jim’s electrical expertise on putting sensors in our front fixtures & lamp post. He & Carl made umpteen trips to Lowe’s. they brought the store’s profits up ..I am sure! Of course Kristy was in charge of fixing all our electronic problems< she left nothing undone! Leslie & I made sure the bar was well stocked & they could get an adult beverage whenever they needed a "boost!" Thanks to our wonderful family. we had a wonderful dinner after they all joined us at mass! After dinner drinks at home & then another surprise was in store for me. I assumed my birthday gift was having all of them here for the weekend & that was enough for me. But oh no….they presented me with an!
    What the heck did I do to deserve such a grand gift??? What a great birthday!!


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