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After finally getting to Memphis and crashing at Marilyn’s house for the night, we woke up and got ourselves ready to finally surprise Sue at home. Carl’s sister, Leslie, met us at Marilyn’s house and the four of us drove over together. Marilyn rang the front doorbell while we hid to the side. After Sue answered the door, Marilyn said “You forgot something last night” and we popped out and greeted Sue. It was great fun and Sue got all teary-eyed, so it was worth it!

8.2.19 Marilyns (1)

We sat around and visited for the afternoon. Leslie left for a while to go take care of her kitty and when she returned, she had surprise #2…Carl’s brother, Jim, also surprised Sue for the weekend.

8.2.19 Marilyns (3)

So Sue had all three of her children home with her…what more could a mother ask for?

Marilyn, a truly gracious and hospitable friend, had us all over on Friday night for a great BBQ dinner and drinks. We are so thankful for Marilyn helping us to make the surprises happen and for putting us up at the last minute after all of our delays. Thanks Marilyn!


4 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. Nothing makes parents happier than when all their grown children are together. What a wonderful surprise for her very special birthday!!


  2. It certainly was a tear filled occasion when I opened the front door & there was Marilyn (who I had seen the night before) & the side of the door sprang Carl, Leslie & Kristy…If that was not enough, in the afternoon another doorbell & in walks Leslie & Jim who was carrying a beautiful bouquet of Daisies!!! Another tearful happiness greeting! God is certainly good!


  3. How could I forget our good friend Marilyn who was in on the surprise & did a fine job< along with Leslie, keeping the secret… Marilyn, once again, made a wonderful BBQ dinner Plus our favorite dessert Brandy Ice….Fun filled evening, thanks to the hostess with the moistest!!!


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