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Chicago Weekend

About a month ago, when I found out that my youngest brother, Brad, was flying to Chicago for the first time in 6 years and that my other brother, Rob, was having a big birthday celebration for two of his kids and that my oldest brother, John, would be driving up from southern Illinois for the weekend festivities, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be together with all three of my brothers…the first time since Rob got married 6 years ago! I knew that my mom would be over-the-moon to have us all home together!

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (1)

I tried to make it a surprise for them but my husband accidentally let it slip when I was talking to my mom on the phone the week prior. It was good because it gave her time to prepare and make sure she had clean sheets and plenty of vodka on hand! Ha! When I walked into Rob’s house for the party, he just smiled and said “Hi Kris” like he was expecting me all along.

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (5)

Pretty much the same thing when my dad saw me too. At least my sister-in-law, Lisa, was surprised! I’m glad that my Aunt Gale and my niece, Bryanna, came also so I could spend time with them too.

7.13 Kid's Birthday Party at Robs (7)

There were probably about 40 adults and 20 kids running around the backyard. Rob and Lisa had all provided kiddie pools, bouncy house, water slides, tents for shade and lots of good food. It was a little bit of madness on a hot and sultry day! The party reminded me of the wild and crazy family parties that Carl and I would have each summer when we lived in Illinois when we would invite all the relatives on all sides, along with friends and neighbors.

The next day, my Aunt Gale had most of the family (Rob and Lisa were recuperating from the party) over to her house so that we could eat some Chicago pizza and visit with my dad in a little calmer setting.

7.14.19 Pizza at Gale (3)

Of course, because it was Gale, we spent some time “in the position” with martinis.

7.14.19 Pizza at Gale (1)

It was really nice of Gale to have us all over to spend some more quality family time together. Thanks Gale!

Since we had some time before the party of Saturday morning, John, Laurie and I partook in their favorite hobby of geocaching.

7.13 Geocaching

We found two of of the three caches we looked for, including the tarantula token hiding under a light post.

After Brad found out that I was coming in, he told mom “I’m not playing any games!” After we harassed him into playing and taught him how to play the new family favorite of 4 Up and 4 Down, he actually liked it and played with us willingly each night.

7.12 Game Night

We followed up with an episode each night of the Netflix Series, Russian Dolls, and now we all have to finish the season and report back to each other on our weekly video call on Sunday!

It was a short and sweet (just Friday afternoon until very early Monday morning…what was I ever thinking in booking a return flight home at 7 am????) visit but I am so glad to have spent time with my family, especially all three of my brothers and my mom, this weekend. Can’t wait to see them all together again in 6 more years…maybe at the new house that Brad plans on buying in the near future!

3 thoughts on “Chicago Weekend”

  1. I can’t even put into words how happy I was to be with my four children and spend time together with them and their spouses and family and friends. The party, even though so hot was just great, the kids had a wonderful time with some loving squirting me with water guns. (not even my own grandchildren) Rob did a terrific job on the grill and Lisa outdid herself with all the other wonderful sides and treats. I am so happy Kristy decided to join us, surprise or no surprise, it was just wonderful!!!


  2. Happy you all were able to spend the weekend together….what a treat for Sandy! Great memories were shared & will continue when the photos are viewed over & over again.

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