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Finally, a New Project!

The problem with buying a house that you really love, is that there is not much that needs to be done. And I’m okay with that because it just gives me more time to float around the pool with my cocktails and Kindle. But there is one area that has been bugging me for the past year. I had a hard time finding a good photo of the area but finally found this one from a previous Christmas.

Kitchen Light (5)

It’s the kitchen bar area with these Craigslist stools that I bought shortly after moving in and recovered the seats with fun, colorful fabric. Over time, I fell out of love with the stools, mainly because they felt wobbly all the time, even after we tighten them. And the other issue is Zack and his apparently dirty knees. I’m blaming Zack because he is the only one that sits there on a regular basis.


You can see how dirty and gross the area was becoming (although the color is really bad in this photo).


So the first step was to find some cute, new beachy stools on Facebook Swip Swap. I found these 4 almost brand new stools for just $200 and made Zack get up at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning to go with me so I wouldn’t be accosted and murdered. (Thanks Zack!) I sold my old stools for $80. So the net cost of the stools was just $120!


The next step was to do something about the wall that would hide the dirt and grime in the future. I went to Lowe’s and had some 4′ x 8′ sheets of Luan (very thin plywood) cut down into 6 inch strips. After carefully measuring the wall and determining where the studs were, I cut the strips into various size lengths.


Next, I stained the wood pieces in three different colors.


However, after showing Carl my progress so far, my husband requested a somewhat more rustic look. Plus the dark and medium stain were really much more similar in real life. So I ended up putting some blue paint on the medium color boards and then sanding ALL the boards down to make them appear more worn and rustic. I then laid the boards out to plan out the installation and make sure it looked just the way that I wanted.


To prep the wall, since there will be a slight space between each board, I painted dark brown where the edges of the boards will fall so blue doesn’t show through and the wall blends in.


Next, I enlisted the help of the local handyman to actually put the boards up. Since the Luan is so thin and light, it went in easily with small finishing nails.


After just a few hours, we had a beautiful, new wood wall.


We finished off the raw edge on the left with a thin piece of luan.

img_1246With the new stools, it was the perfect, rustic, beachy vibe that I was going for!img_1243img_1244The wood wall cost $68 in materials (two sheets of luan and 3 cans of stain), plus $9 for two new bronze outlet covers for a grand total of $77 dollars. Quite a bargain for the big impact that it makes!

Now if only I could convince my husband to let me get a cute, new white, round dining table :). Then the area would really be complete!




4 thoughts on “Finally, a New Project!”

  1. Love it!! Great idea!! You and your hubby are extremely talented, maybe go into a side business. lol Can’t wait to see it in person!!


  2. Too bad one cannot “bottle the talent you two have!” We could invest in you & then reap the profits once you are finished with a project for a client! The kitchen sure takes on a different look that is quite appealing. It is probably even “better” in person! Mmmmmm……what could possibly need a redo in the house???? If it is there, either of you will surely fine it!!


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