Praises, The Kids

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

No, not Carl…at least not yet! The search is still early though and positive things are happening. Carl has already gone on one interview, met with a headhunter and consulted with several other people with job leads. We are sure that something good is going to come.

It’s all the kids that have new jobs!

Zack: After more than a year at the lumber yard, Zack is beginning an electrician apprenticeship with our friend from church, Russ (Russ is Carl’s diving buddy). Zack will be working alongside several electricians and learning the business and working on getting certified. It’s a long process that is expected to take several years at least, at minimum wage, but we are pleased with the positive direction that this career path can take Zack. Yay, Zack!

Anthony: Anthony accepted a 20-hour a week position as a Program Supervisor for Child & Family Service of O’ahu. According to the job description…

The Program Supervisor is responsible for managing the daily operations of the programs. Plans, organizes, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the delivery of services and contracts assigned. Provides supervision to staff and assists in public relations.

Anthony will be in charge of anywhere from 3-12 program workers. Wow! 

Although this is only a 20-hour position (due to funding issues), there is tremendous potential for growth and other positions that Anthony will be able to move into with more experience. The pay is good and he will receive health insurance benefits. Since he and Kameko live with grandma Jane and don’t have mortgage/rent to pay, this position is doable. Plus it leaves them time to help care for grandma and get her to her appointments and do other things necessary for her care. Yay, Anthony!

Kelly: Kelly accepted a full-time position as a mental health therapist with Mental Health Systems in Minnesota, the clinic that she is interning with, beginning in May when her internship is complete. She will continue facilitating adolescent and adult DBT groups  (DBT is a specific therapy program utilized at her clinic) and providing individual psychotherapy. She will be making a good salary and receiving full benefits, including health insurance and 401k. The clinic will provide free supervision for the 4,000 required hours needed to become fully licensed in the state of MN (a big plus because some new therapists have to pay for supervision).  Kelly also plans on continuing her work as AuPair coordinator because she really enjoys it. Yay, Kelly!

We are so proud of each of the kids and how hard they have worked to get where they are. It is so exciting to see them being rewarded for their efforts. Good job, kiddos! We love you and are proud of you!

We are excited to see what God is going to bring Carl next!

3 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”

  1. Change is often difficult, but in this case it is great news!! Congratulations to all, including Carl who will no doubt have a new opportunity soon!! Proud of all of you!!


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