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April Fool’s Day Non-Joke!

After 15 years with the MN Vikings and not quite 5 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Carl’s 20-Year NFL career is coming to a close. Ironically, on April 1st, the Jaguars notified Carl that they will be terminating his position. Finances for the Jaguar Foundation will be absorbed into the team finance department and he is being eliminated.  When I texted our children and my mother on April 1st, all but Kelly (who forgot what day it was) thought that I was pulling an April Fool’s prank on them and didn’t want to believe that it was true. Oh how we wish it were a joke!

He will continue to work until May 1st. And then they will give him 8 weeks severance pay. And then he is out of a job.

It is not a total surprise that this has happened. We have joked that Carl is “semi-retired” and gets a full-time salary for a part-time job. The responsibilities have been minimal and the hours needed to complete the job have been way less than full-time. So despite asking for other responsibilities to assist with the Foundation and trying to get involved in other areas, they have gone in a different direction. It is a bummer but it has been too good to last.

We are trusting in God to bring a new and exciting position to Carl. We are praying that He will open doors and bring new possibilities our way quickly. For now, we are keeping our search in the Jacksonville area. We are not feeling led to explore possibilities in other areas for now but that could always change over time. Please be in prayer for us as Carl begins a job search and figures out what he is going to do next!

4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Non-Joke!”

  1. I honestly thought you were going to call me back Monday and say what a good April Fool’s joke that was but that didn’t happen. I am so sorry this is happening but agree sometimes these things happen for a reason. God must have a different plan for Carl as well as you.
    Praying for good things and patience in your new adventure. Love you.


  2. They are certainly loosing the most conscientious employee they ever hired! The Lord has plans for Carl’s future that will make him happy I am sure! You are both in our daily prayers!


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