Wednesday: Beach Day in Maui

Carl and I were originally scheduled to fly out of Maui for home on Wednesday at 6pm. Early in the day, I received a text notifying us that our flight was delayed 2 hours. A little while later, it was pushed back two more hours, now scheduled for 10pm (we didn’t actually end up leaving until 11:30pm that evening). Having the whole day free (we loved having the advanced notice), we decided to explore some of the westside Maui beaches with Debye.

First she took us to the southernmost tip of Maui to see the extensive lava fields.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (4)

Although it looks like black dirt, it is actually miles of hardened lava rocks from the lava flow down the mountain.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (1)

We found a little cove where Carl was able to do some snorkeling.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (6)

Debye and I opted to sit in the shade and watch.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (5)

We snagged one last Poke bowl for lunch and ate it on the beach.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (7)

After packing up our things at home and enjoying one last dinner together, we headed for the airport. But not before stopping for one last Shave Ice.

3.14 Maui Beach Day (8)

It was a fantastic two weeks in Hawaii with lots of memories made. We look forward to returning in the future (we know we will be back thanks to Anthony and Kameko making Hawaii their home). Aloha for now, Hawaii!

1 thought on “Wednesday: Beach Day in Maui”

  1. Perfect ending to a fantastic two weeks in Hawaii! You two made the most out of those two weeks! Happy we were able to share a portion of the fun & beauty!


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