Monday: West Maui Driving Tour

On Monday, again gifted with the use of the Mazda Miata (this time with the top down), Carl and I set out with the Shaka Guide West Maui Driving Tour (the same app that Jim and Linda showed us in Oahu). This 8-hour tour took us along the northwestern coast of Maui, a spot that is usually prime for seeing whales breaching. Sadly, we did not the whole day.

3.11 West Maui Tour (21)

3.11 West Maui Tour (1)

Our first stop on the tour was to see some ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs, or stone images, carved into the volcanic boulders.

3.11 West Maui Tour (3)

Other highlights included the Dragon’s Teeth, formed by the waves pushing the hot lava into pointy shapes along the coast….

3.11 West Maui Tour (4)

3.11 West Maui Tour (5)

…many scenic overlooks…

3.11 West Maui Tour (26)

….a heart-shaped hole in the volcanic rock…

3.11 West Maui Tour (15)

…a dangerous blowhole…

3.11 West Maui Tour (10)

…and the even more dangerous Olivine pools.

3.11 West Maui Tour (25)

3.11 West Maui Tour (24)

These are so dangerous because they are harmless looking shallow pools carved into the rocks near the ocean’s edge. But what happens is large, crashing waves come barreling over the rocks and the retreating waves pull the unsuspecting wader back into the ocean never to be seen again.

3.11 West Maui Tour (27)

Yeah, we stayed out of the pools.

Shortly after passing the Olivine pools, when we were about two-thirds of the way around the tour, we encountered a road closed sign.

“Road Closed!? But we must finish our tour! We want to drive all the way around! Hey, it’s still early. Let’s go all the way around the other direction until we get the the closed portion and finish the tour that way.” So yeah, we drove around that portion of the island TWICE (once in each direction). And the funny/aggravating part is that by the time we got back to the road closed…it was open. It was obviously just a temporary thing.

InkedMap 1_LI

Turns out the road after the pools is narrow, winding, treacherous mountain roads that often go down to one lane and have dangerous blind curves. There is little to no cell phone reception and residents are few and far between (and definitely no gas stations). So awesome, we got to do it twice! Yippee!

And towards the end of that journey through the mountain, Carl was starting to have trouble shifting into gear in the little green Miata. When we finally got to the bottom of the mountain and back into civilization, he couldn’t shift into first gear. And then he couldn’t shift into second gear. And then he couldn’t shift at all.

3.11 West Maui Tour (29)

AAA and our friend, Debye to the rescue! We later found out it was a leaking slave cylinder. We felt horrible for breaking the Miata. But the owner felt more horrible for us having it breakdown on us (although she admitted she was glad it was us and not her…ha!).

After getting back to Debye’s and getting freshened up, we took Debye and her boyfriend, Mark, out for dinner to thank them for their hospitality.

3.11 Debye and Mark (1)

Then they took us to their favorite place for Mai Tais.

3.11 Debye and Mark (5)

And we got to go in another sweet ride…Debye’s Mustang convertible.

3.11 Debye and Mark (3)

Side Note: Debye owned the car for many years in a state of disrepair and neglect. A few years ago, while living in Jacksonville, she hired Mark to restore it to it’s original glory. That’s how they met and eventually fell in love. Now they live in Maui together. Sweet!

2 thoughts on “Monday: West Maui Driving Tour”

  1. That was certainly and interesting day, thanks for sharing all those facts. Sorry about the car breaking down but glad you didn’t get hurt or stalled on a narrow winding part of the road. How nice of Debye to let you use yet another convertible. I think you all deserved a nice dinner and Mai Tais.


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