Sunday: Haleakala National Park

When we were making plans to visit Debye in Maui, I mentioned that we would get a rental car to use during our stay. Debye graciously stated that they had plenty of cars to drive and we were free to use one of theirs. Shortly before we left for Hawaii, Debye contacted me to see how we felt about driving a vintage Madza Miata convertible. Um, okay!

3.10 Hakeakala (2)
We had the top down but it was getting chilly as we ascended the mountain so we had to put the top up.

Turns out it belongs to her neighbor’s deceased husband, so the neighbor, who never drives it, and asked Debye and her boyfriend if they could drive it for a few days. [Side note: the car is about 30 years old and has a whopping 9,000 miles on it! Crazy!] So Debye volunteered us to do it for her! The neighbor was absolutely thrilled that we would be taking the car all around the island and giving it some use. It was win-win for all of us.

3.10 Hakeakala (8)

So on Sunday, after attending a local church, Carl and I decided to take the Miata up to the top of Haleakala to see the crater. Debye’s boyfriend, Mark, had shown us all kinds of amazing pictures of the crater and we couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves.

3.10 Hakeakala (3)

We got to the top and instead of seeing amazing sights like this:

View 1

…we saw a whole bunch of this:

View 2

It was a total white-out on the mountain top as the clouds had rolled it and the temperatures had dropped. Total bummer.

We did see the Hawaiian state bird, the Nene, though.

3.10 Hakeakala (7).jpg

So it was totally worth the drive up the mountain! At least we looked cool in the little Miata while doing it.

We consoled ourselves with some fresh Poke and ate it on the beach while watching the sunset.

3.10 Hakeakala (9)

So it was a good day.


2 thoughts on “Sunday: Haleakala National Park”

  1. Cool car, how nice the neighbor let you use it. Bummer on the clouds but thanks for sharing what you wanted to see. Not a fan of poke but glad you enjoyed it.


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