Saturday: Aloha Oahu!

On Saturday, March 9th, it was time for all the remaining traveling guests to depart from the rental house by 10am. Most headed right for the airport. However, Carl and I didn’t leave for Maui until around 5pm and my aunt Sandy’s flight wasn’t until 9pm that evening. So the three of us decided to use our Go Oahu cards one last time since some of the cards still had one day remaining on them.

3.9 Museum of Art (1)

We decided to check out the Honolulu Museum of Art. After spending about an hour looking around, Aunt Sandy treated us to a lovely lunch at the museum.

3.9 Museum of Art (2)

It was nice to have some quiet, alone time with my aunt after the week of craziness.

3.9 Museum of Art (4)

Then we ended up passing Aunt Sandy off to Anthony and Kameko, who entertained her with a movie and dinner before dropping her off at the airport for her evening flight.

3.9 Goodbye Oahu.jpg

After a hectic and crazy week, we were finally on our way to Maui, where we were met at the airport by our friend, Debye. Debye used to work with Carl and the Jacksonville Jaguars until she moved to Maui about 1-1/2 years ago. We drove to her area on the west side of the island, just in time for the sunset.

3.9 Maui Sunset (1)

It was really beautiful and became our nightly ritual in Maui for the next 3 evenings as well.

3.9 Maui Sunset (3)

We are grateful for Debye’s fabulous hospitality and allowing us to visit her at her beautiful home in Maui.

3.10 Debye's House

2 thoughts on “Saturday: Aloha Oahu!”

  1. A great way to end your Oahu vacation, spending time with Aunt Sandra. Carl’s picture sleeping at the airport is how we all felt on the return home. Time adjustments were crazy.
    How nice that you knew someone in Maui and how great she let you stay with her.


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