Thursday: Kualoa Ranch and PCC

On Thursday, we finally didn’t have to make the one-hour drive from our rental house into the Honolulu area and back…a drive that Carl and I made more times that you can imagine! We were able to just drive about 15 minutes south to Kualoa Ranch, a 4000 acre property whose “goal is to protect and enhance the natural beauty of these lands while developing sustainable recreational, agricultural and aquacultural enterprises that are compatible with the environment.”

3.7 Kualoa Ranch (2)

They offer a number of different tours, provide a venue for weddings and other events and are the location for numerous TV shows and movies, including Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Hawaii Five-O and LOST.

3.7 Kualoa Ranch (3)

Our tour, that was part of the Go Oahu card, was the Taste of Kualoa.

Guests will travel on a Trolley Car to explore the tropical fruit and flower gardens of Moli’i along the shores fronting our “Secret Island.” Admire the accomplishments of the early Hawaiians as the rich stories of the voyaging canoe and ancient fishpond unfold.  Taste some of the fruits along the way, depending upon the season.

3.7 Kualoa Ranch (13)

Our favorite part was the stop at the Moli’i, with it’s beautiful shores and great photo opportunity.

3.7 Kualoa Ranch (8)

3.7 Kualoa Ranch (7)

After a stop at home for lunch and a change of clothes, we then headed 10 minutes north to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

3.7 PCC Luau (2)

3.7 PCC Luau (4).jpg

This was the only event that all 16 of Anthony’s (remaining) visiting family (since Avram and Zack had already left), along with the newlyweds, attended together, besides the wedding.

3.7 PCC Luau (22)

We enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian luau dinner buffet and show.

3.7 PCC Luau (15)

Towards the end, Anthony and Kameko were prodded to go up on stage as a group of newlyweds and anniversary couples.

3.7 PCC Luau (18).jpg

Then my mom got to go up as someone celebrating a birthday in the month of March.

3.7 PCC Luau (19)

After the luau, we had several hours to kill before the evening “Breath of Life” show, which was a very entertaining and impressive show. We walked around the Polynesian villages and watched several demonstrations.

3.7 PCC Luau (29)

I also got my first taste of Hawaiian Shave Ice…yum!

3.7 PCC Luau (35).jpg

It was a fun evening participating in some traditional Hawaiian activities and experiencing the Hawaiian culture.

3.7 PCC Luau (23)

We are glad that the newlyweds were able to join us.

3.7 PCC Luau (26)

And we are grateful that all the family decided to come along and spend time together.

3.7 PCC Luau (28)







2 thoughts on “Thursday: Kualoa Ranch and PCC”

  1. My favorite tour of the trip, loved the show with all the islands performing.
    Loved the Lua and the Fire Show and again loved being with family and friends.
    It was a wonderful day!!


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