Friday: Day with the Newlyweds

On Friday, our last full day in Oahu, Carl, Kelly and I had a day planned with Anthony and Kameko where they wanted to take us to their favorite west-side beaches and hikes after meeting Kameko’s Grandma Jane, who is in rehab after her most recent hospital stay. We were all very sad that Grandma Jane could not make it to the wedding due to her recent hospitalization.

On the way to meet them, we decided to stop at Camp Homelani, the summer camp where Anthony worked for two summers and where he met Kameko.

3.8 Camp Homelani (9).jpg

We saw the type of cabin that he lived in his first summer when he was a Camp Counselor.

3.8 Camp Homelani (7).jpg
The counselors stayed in the room with the door on the left and the campers stayed in the main area.

We also saw his cabin the second summer when he was the Surf Lead (head of maintenance crew).

3.8 Camp Homelani (2).jpg

This was his view right from his cabin porch.

3.8 Camp Homelani (4).jpg

We can see why he loved working at Camp Homelani!

It was at that time that Kelly received a text from the airlines regarding her flight home the next day. It stated that due to the impending snowstorm forecast for Minnesota over the weekend, she may want to consider rescheduling her flight with no change fees. After a call to the airlines, she was rebooked on a direct flight home that evening. After a quick visit with Grandma Jane, we had to return to the house to pack up Kelly’s things and then drop her off at the airport (with more of those hour-long trips to and from the house!) We did meet up with Anthony and Kameko again later but ran out of time to visit their favorite beaches. Instead, they took us on a short jungle hike near their house.

3.8 Waterfall Hike (4)

We were rewarded with a waterfall at the end.

3.8 Waterfall Hike (3).jpg

The kids then took us down to Waikiki at night for their favorite sushi restaurant.

3.8 Sushi Dinner (1).jpg

However, it was closed for renovations so we had to drive into Honolulu to the other location.

3.8 Sushi Dinner (3).jpg

It was a hectic but fun day spent with the Newlyweds. We were so grateful for some time together before leaving the next day. We are going to miss those two so much but look forward to more fun trips to Oahu in the future!


3 thoughts on “Friday: Day with the Newlyweds”

  1. I am so glad you got to spend time with Anthony and Kameko but sad time was cut short by Minnesota’s weather. It was a wonderful time and I hope to get back to visit Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Miklas in the future. Aloha


    1. It certainly was the perfect ending spending the day with the newlyweds! Unfortunate Kelly had to cut her stay short but on the upside….due to the weather in MN, she had a non stop flight return! Great photos of two great couples!!!


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