Wednesday: Iolani Palace and Catamaran

On Wednesday, we started the day with a tour of Iolani Palace, the former home of the Kings and Queen of Hawaii and the only Royal Palace on US soil.

3.6 Palace (8).jpg

3.6 Palace (4).jpg

We got to wear some snazzy booties while inside the palace and now my husband wants me to make some for guests to our home.

3.6 Palace (1).jpg

It was an interesting look inside a palace and we learned more history on the Hawaiian monarchy.

3.6 Palace (3).jpg

Afterwards, we made a quick detour across the street to take a photo by the iconic King Kamehameha statue, as seen during one of our favorite TV shows, Hawaii 5-0.3.6 Palace (11).jpg

Next up was lunch at one of Anthony and Kameko’s recommendations for Hawaiian food, Zippys.

3.6 Zippys (1).jpg

Then we met up with John, Laurie, Kate and Robert for an afternoon Catamaran sail. The weather alternated between sunny and mild to rainy, windy and chilly.

3.6 Catamarran (17).jpg

Some of the braver people sat outside to enjoy the views of Honolulu.

3.6 Catamarran (11)

The not-so-brave sat inside under the shelter.

3.6 Catamarran (7)

At one point we saw a turtle in the distance.

3.6 Catamarran (13)
“See the turtle??”

But mainly we just saw the views of the skyline with a pretty rainbow.

3.6 Catamarran (14)

3.6 Catamarran (15)

Although we did not see any whales or dolphins, it was good to be together for the afternoon. Thanks for joining us Kate and Robert….

3.6 Catamarran (9).jpg

and John and Laurie!

3.6 Catamarran (5).jpg


1 thought on “Wednesday: Iolani Palace and Catamaran”

  1. I really enjoyed that day, even with the rain and wind. The castle was interesting and the catamaran was just great. The color of the water alone was amazing and even though I looked I could not see the turtle. Spending time with family and friends is just wonderful and I couldn’t have been happier. Once again thank you for organizing all of our tours.


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