Tuesday: Driving/Hiking Day

On Tuesday, a group of us spent the day exploring and hiking on Oahu.

3.5 Hiking (15)
Carl’s brother, Jim; Jim’s wife, Linda; me (& Carl); Kelly; my niece, Kate; Kate’s boyfriend, Robert

Jim and Linda had told us about the Shaka Guide app for their cell phone that they had used the day before. The Shaka app uses GPS navigation to guide you on narrated self-driving tours, telling you interesting facts along the way (much like our All Day Bus Tour did). So Carl, Kelly and I drove with them (Kate and Robert followed in their own car…listening to the tour on speaker phone) and did part of a tour on our way to our first hike, making a few interesting stops along the way.

3.5 Hiking (2)

We finally arrived at the Koko Crater Hike, a grueling 1,000-plus railroad tie hike up to the top of the 1,200 foot volcanic cone. It’s hard to fathom the height and steepness of this trail, but we walked all the way to the very top.

3.5 Hiking (18).jpg

Here’s another view, looking down towards the bottom.

3.5 Hiking (16).jpg

We rewarded ourselves with Leonard’s Malasadas (donuts) afterwards.

3.5 Hiking (20)

Although I could have been done after that, Jim and Linda were not to be deterred and continued on the Shaka Tour, stopping at the (From Here to) Eternity Beach for a photo…

3.5 Hiking (25).jpg

and smooch (since I couldn’t get my husband to lay down in the sand with me like in the movie).

3.5 Hiking (23)

Our next stop was another, much easier hike, which was luckily more like a casual (although steady) 2-mile walk up a paved inclined road. We were rewarded with some awesome views at the top.

3.5 Hiking (30).jpg

Carl also had fun exploring a WWII bunker.

3.5 Hiking (31).jpg

We saw some beautiful beaches as we continued along on our Shaka tour….

3.5 Hiking (38)

and took this fun panoramic photo.

3.5 Hiking (37)

Did you notice the twin Kellys on both ends? Ha! I posted that photo on Facebook and nobody seemed to notice.

3.5 Hiking (46)

It was a really fun day spent with Jim, Linda, Kelly, Kate and Robert.

3.5 Hiking (47)

Makes us want to jump for joy!



3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Driving/Hiking Day”

  1. Yeah, uh no, I couldn’t have handled that hiking trip. It looks like you had a great time with great views and delicious donuts. I am impressed that you had a romantic kiss on the beach from the movie but agree the kiss from the movie would have been so cool.


  2. Now, I truly would like to have seen you & Carl emulate that scene…….You are all our “in shape” sons, daughters, granddaughter & niece……great job Hikers!


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