Monday: Pearl Harbor

On the Monday after the wedding, a group of us went to Pearl Harbor for the afternoon. That proved to be a little challenging for those that drank a little too much the evening before (coughcoughCarlandZack).

Pearl Harbor (2)

Unfortunately, the Arizona Memorial is currently closed for repairs so we were not able to dock on the memorial but could only take the boat out near the memorial for a glimpse from the water.

Pearl Harbor (14)

We also checked out the USS Bowfin Submarine, which proved challenging with our two mobility impaired relatives (Carl’s dad and my aunt Sandy) but they made it through all of the little portals and no one was left behind.

Pearl Harbor (6)

We ran out of time to do more at Pearl Harbor so Carl and I look forward to returning on another trip to see the Battleship and Aviation Museum and to actually land on the Arizona Memorial.

Pearl Harbor (9)

It was at Pearl Harbor that we met the Scooter rental company to obtain scooters for Carl’s dad and my Aunt Sandy to use for the week for all of our fun activities.

Pearl Harbor (10)

Being a newby scooter driver, my father-in-law promptly bashed his foot into a pole while navigating the scooter onto the shuttle boat and spent the rest of the week nursing a bruised and swollen foot, thinking that it was broken (a visit to the doctor on his return home proved otherwise). Such a bummer-of-a-way to spend the rest his week but at least it happened AFTER the wedding.3.5 Dinner Crew (1).jpg

And it helped that our rental house was large and open and allowed him to scoot about the house with ease! The kids (young and older) enjoyed having scooter races around the house during down times.

Hale Halai (12)

More fun activities to follow the rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “Monday: Pearl Harbor”

  1. Although I had been to Pearl Harbor over 40 years ago I was disappointed it was not open. It is such a moving tribute to those who died on the Arizona. I am glad you will be back to view it in the future. I loved the submarine even though it was exhausting getting through those little portholes. It is too bad we ran out of time but what we did see was just great. Thanks again for making all the arrangements for all of us.

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  2. Enjoyed being @ Pearl Harbor even though we could not see everything that was offered! It was unfortunate Karl was not more of a “careful” operator of the fun motorized wheelchair! For the most part, it did not stop him partaking in most of the activities & that included cocktails every night. Lets not forget the “other kids” enjoyed “scooting” around the house in both machines! Thanks once again for getting our pass from Costco at a discount!!!!


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