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Anthony and Kameko’s Wedding Decor

I just wanted to share some more photos of the beautiful wedding decor and setting for the festivities. This gives you an idea of the set up, with the vertical lines on the left where the chairs were set up for the ceremony and the tables for the reception on the larger lawn to the right.


When I ordered the white paper lanterns, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but the tree near where the guests sat was the perfect backdrop for them.

1. Getting Ready (21).jpg

They look so pretty in the photos of people walking down the aisle!

5. Ceremony (6).jpg

After the ceremony, the chairs were moved around the tables that were already set up underneath the icicle lights.

6. Reception (65)

As the wind kept knocking down the table centerpieces, we just ended up laying the greenery in the center of the tables (they are still standing in the photo below).

6. Reception (18).jpg

Under the lanai, we set up the drink station, guest book station, favor table and appetizer/dessert table. (The dinner buffet was set up inside the house.)

6. Reception (2)

6. Reception (1)

Instead of a guest book, there were wooden hearts for the guest to sign and place into a frame. So cute!

6. Reception (33).jpg

Kameko made little pots of succulents from her grandma’s garden for take-home gifts for locals and Hawaiian honey pots for those that were traveling.

1. Getting Ready (12).jpg

This photo from later in the week shows the pretty lights that Carl hung around the lanai. The pool fence and patio tables/chairs had been moved to open it up. I also bought a box of floating candles to place in the pool during the reception.


Everything was really so beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

6. Reception (46)

I have to admit that when Anthony and Kameko were still transplanting succulent pots on the morning of the wedding or when they were shopping for her wedding ring on Saturday morning one-hour before picking the grandparents up from the airport or when they were having her wedding dress altered on the Friday before the wedding, I had my doubts. When Carl and I were driving those 10 and 12-foot cemented posts sticking out of our rental van at 8pm at night down the winding, country road out to the wedding house on Friday night before the wedding, I had my doubts. When we placed the first bucket with the post on the ground and it promptly fell over due to the uneven ground, I had my doubts. When Carl was out there for hours and hours trying to get the lights just right and prevent them from toppling onto the heads of our guests, I had my doubts.

1. Getting Ready (27).jpg

But in the end, everything came together perfectly. It turned out beyond our expectations and was the most beautiful, lovely wedding we could imagine.

Congratulations on a job well done, Anthony and Kameko!

3 thoughts on “Anthony and Kameko’s Wedding Decor”

  1. It was indeed a beautiful venue being in Paradise with the mountain view. Everything was perfect and all of you did a wonderful job coordinating everything to make it more than special.The memories will stay with all of us, forever.


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