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One More Month!

According to the widget on my cell phone, we are at the one month mark until the big day!


Anthony and Kameko are in the midst of finalizing the details of the wedding…meeting with the Pastor, selecting the caterer, renting tables and chairs, hiring a DJ, securing a photographer and so many other details for the WEDDING!

On my end, I am making travel plans, shopping for new clothes, selecting wedding cocktails* and coordinating a week of lodging, travel and activities for 18 people! We ended up with that many from Anthony’s side who are traveling to Oahu for the big day: Carl and I, Zack, Kelly and Avram, Sue and Karl, my mom, my aunt Gale, my aunt Sandra, John and Laurie (my brother and wife), Jim and Linda (Carl’s brother and wife), and Scott and Kim (Anthony’s godfather). My niece, Kate, and her boyfriend are also coming but are staying in their own Airbnb nearby.



I have an insane number of detailed spreadsheets to keep track of everything and everybody. Who gets in when. Who is renting their own vehicle. Who needs a ride from the airport. Who is doing what activity with us. Who is sharing in dinner each night (we are taking turns cooking for the group). It’s crazy!


I heard about a great deal from Costco for a 4-day Go Oahu Discount Cards. For one price, you can schedule as many included activities as you want over a 4-day period (we purchased ours for $189 when they had a sale…the regular price is $199). Carl and I are saving $250 each by using the Go Oahu card. But that took a crazy amount of coordinating to get everyone’s cards ordered, decide on activities, schedule activities, etc.

*As far as cocktails, we are not having an fully open bar at the wedding due to the cost and difficulty in having varying kinds of liquor and all the other fixers then needed. Instead we decided upon wine and beer and a few “signature cocktails.” So for the past few months, I have been sampling recipes to come up with two fun cocktails to make in a large batch…and the winners are Hawaiian Martinis and Hawaiian Mai Tais.

We are very excited to be leaving in less than a month for our two-week Hawaiian vacation!

3 thoughts on “One More Month!”

  1. Soooooooooooo looking forward to going to Hawaii and getting away from our Chicago winter.
    The martini looks good, not a fan of Mai Tais but you are so gracious in coming up with two specialty drinks. I can’t wait to witness the union of Anthony and Kameko in paradise.


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