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My 54th Birthday


Anthony and Kameko went all out to make my birthday a very special one.


While I was banished to the bedroom, they decorated the kitchen with a banner, balloons, flowers, chocolate and mini-vodka bottles! And they presented me with a pretty lei. Kameko spent hours late into the night the night before creating a very special card that even popped out when opened.


But more importantly, each family member, including Carl, 2 out of 3 of my children, Kameko and Avram wrote sweet, special messages that meant the world to me. And then there was Zack, who scribbled “Happy Birthday Mother. Love you, Zack” (which he then scribbled out because he apparently spelled it wrong…ha, that’s my Zack for you!).


The card had a very funny trademark on the back…it was even better than a Hallmark!


Unfortunately Kelly and Avram had to leave in the afternoon of my birthday. And my in-laws left early that morning for their drive up to North Carolina to visit a friend for New Year’s before returning home. So Carl, Anthony, Kameko and even Zack indulged me by watching The Greatest Showman with me for my birthday while I enjoyed some cocktails with my mini-vodka bottles. Then we ordered Chinese food for dinner and I even ate my old favorites of Shrimp Fried Rice and Beef LoMein since I’ve gone off the low-carb band wagon pretty much all month. 2019 is a fresh start!

After dinner, Anthony and Kameko had to get ready to pack up and leave in the early morning hours. With a 7am flight out of Orlando back to Hawaii, they left our house around 3:30am. Luckily, Zack offered to drive them for us. Zack was just returning home when Carl and I were getting out of bed this morning. Having young adult children sure pays off sometimes!

It was a wonderful Christmas visit with the in-laws, all of our children and their significant others. We look forward to all being together again (with even more family) in Hawaii for the wedding in just a few short months!

Cheers to 2019! 




5 thoughts on “My 54th Birthday”

  1. How special is that? What a great card and with the sentiments from your children and their significant others it had so much love. I am glad your birthday was special and I can’t wait to be with the family in Hawaii and celebrate Anthony and Kameko’s wedding.


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