Praises, The Family

Christmas Visit

Some other things that we did with all the gang during their weeklong Christmas visit…

The young people went out to dinner alone one night.

We enjoyed cocktails around a fire one cool evening.

We played lots of games.

The kids went to the beach one day.

12.26.18 Beach Day

Carl got us free tickets to see Zoo Lights. Even though they were the wrong tickets (they were day passes), Karl was able to talk them into letting us in anyway.

Carl and I have never been to the Jacksonville Zoo.

But after the zoo lights, we want to go back during the day to see the animals.

It was an absolutely perfect evening for walking around and seeing the lights, with a temperature of 69 degrees and clear skies.

Anthony and Kameko made us one of their favorite meals one night…their Spam and Bacon Fried Rice.

It was delicious and we all appreciated their hard work.

We had an in-home wine tasting experience, thanks to another certificate that we bought at a charity auction.

For $50, a PRP Wines representative brought 8 bottles of wine for us to taste, educating us on the wines of various regions. We tried white and red wines, sweet and dry. He even gave us a taste of cognac and a coffee liqueur. We got to keep all the open bottles of wine (around $25 each) so it was a really great deal.

It was a fun experience and I’m glad that my neighbors, who were invited also since it was for up to 12 people, bought 18 bottles of wine to make it worth the guy’s time!

We also spent time this week watching home movies and having the two older kids sort through their memorabilia boxes from childhood. Kelly was definitely the firstborn, with over a dozen large plastic totes of treasures (most of which were already transported to MSP earlier this year by a friend passing through town with a large van…but we happened to find a few more in the attic). Anthony had about a half dozen boxes. And Zack had just one. Ha! The favorite find was probably Anthony’s old hockey warm-up jacket, which fit Kameko perfectly and can be seen in many of the photos above since she’s been wearing it all week…so cute!

It was an absolutely wonderful family week and I am grateful for all of our time together. It’s bittersweet, knowing that it may be our last one where we are all together for Christmas since Anthony and Kameko will be in Hawaii next year but I will cherish the memories of all the fun we had this year!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Visit”

  1. Indeed treasure those moments of family Christmas’s. It is hard when your kids are out of State and can’t all be together all the time, but the memories stay with you forever. It looks like it was an amazing and wonderful time. New memories will be made in Hawaii, perhaps even a Christmas vacation.


  2. It was truly one of the merrist Christmas’ ever! Sharing meals, adult beverages, past memories, making new memories, enjoying outings, playing games, watching old home movies, Lots of laughs throughout the week!
    Participating in a wine tasting evening was one of the last fun activities….getting to know Avrom & Kameko better was another highlight!! All, of this makes for the best old fashioned Family Christmas !


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