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Christmas Day 2018

Christmas with grown kids is so much more relaxing! We all leisurely woke up around 10am and wandered in to the kitchen for Christmas morning Omelets in a Bag.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (11)

We did this two years ago (last Christmas we were on a cruise so skipped the new tradition that year), where you add raw eggs with whatever ingredients you want to a baggie labeled with your name, mix it around, seal tightly with the air removed and then drop the baggies in boiling water for 13 minutes. Everyone gets a personalized omelet that is ready at the same time!

Afterwards, we gathered around the tree for a reading of the Christmas story.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (1)

12.25.18 Christmas Day (12)

Then it was time for presents.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (13)

12.25.18 Christmas Day (15)

12.25.18 Christmas Day (18)

Our family does a Secret Santa exchange where we draw names so you only have to buy for one person, so the gift giving is not crazy (not counting goodie bags from me and Grandma Sue for each of the kids).

12.25.18 Christmas Day (21)

12.25.18 Christmas Day (22)

We spent the afternoon outside playing Christmas Bingo.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (25)When it got too chilly, we moved inside and watched family videos from when the kids were younger.  We haven’t watched those movies in so long and it was really fun. It was a sweet time of precious memories and I’m so grateful to have those DVDs.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (27)

Then it was time to make our annual Chicken Fricassee dinner.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (28)

I taught Kameko and Avram how to make the homemade noodles.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (29)

Kelly took a turn too and Grandma Sue showed us all how the expert does it! It was a definite team effort.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (30)

Carl contributed by washing all the dishes for us.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (31)

After dinner, we played some 4-Up and 4-Down around the dining room table.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (23)

It was a beautiful, sweet family day spent with those we love.

12.25.18 Christmas Day (24)

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2018”

  1. A Blessed Christmas in Florida, what else could you ask for? New traditions, old traditions learned by the younger generation, it certainly was a great day. Merry Christmas!!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I also had a wonderful Christmas. In Denver.I did feel like my celebrating with family was all month.
    Bless you all my family’s
    Aunt Sandra


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