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After Anthony’s graduation weekend, Anthony and Kameko flew back to Jacksonville with us to spend the holidays before they move to Hawaii forever and ever, rarely to be seen in person again (sniff, sniff…and just joking…sort of).  But first we had to make it to Jacksonville! In Phoenix, when Anthony brought all his stuff over to the Airbnb from his dorm room and we saw the amount of luggage that we had returning, we knew that we were in trouble. There was no way that all that luggage and the four of us were going to fit into Carl’s car for the drive back home. And the major issue was that we were flying into Orlando, not Jacksonville, since flights were significantly less money out of Orlando. After throwing around some options (one of which was having Zack drive down to meet us with our other car), we decided just to rent another car so that we had two cars to transport us and all the luggage. Problem solved! We finally made it and enjoyed spending a week with Anthony and Kameko doing some fun activities before our other guests arrived for Christmas.

On Monday, we did a secret dining assignment at Main Event, which included dinner, an hour of bowling, laser tag, billiards and $10 of video games. All for free (after I wrote up my report on our evening), which is the best kind of night out!

12.17.18 Main Event (1)

12.17.18 Main Event (2)

On Tuesday, we introduced Kameko to our fun neighbors at our regular Taco Tuesday gathering.

On Wednesday, we went to see the Jacksonville Icemen Hockey game, after I purchased certificate for a set of 4 tickets, 4 free items from the concession stand and a parking pass for $50 from one of the recent Charity Galas that we attended. Who knew that Jacksonville had a hockey team? It brought back fun memories of watching Anthony play for 6-7 years!

Icemen Hockey (2)

Of course, we played games one night, since any visit isn’t complete without game nights.

Game Night

It was lovely getting to spend time with Anthony and Kameko and getting to know our future daughter-in-law. We were so grateful to have that special time together and think that she is a wonderful addition to our family. We can’t wait to officially welcome her at their wedding in March!

2 thoughts on “Kameko”

  1. I totally agree that Kameko is a wonderful addition to our family. She and Anthony are so happy together, which makes me happy. She is very pretty, sweet and just a kind person.
    I can’t wait to celebrate their love and wedding in Hawaii in March. Love you Kameko and Anthony!!


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