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Christmas Eve 2018

Last Sunday, Kelly and Avram joined us for Christmas week. With Carl and Zack on their way back from Miami, the older kids and I all went down to St. Augustine to see the Night of Lights.

12.23.18 St. Augustine (2)

It was a beautiful night for walking around the Ancient City.

On Monday, Christmas Eve, Sue and Karl arrived.

12.24 Christmas Eve (11)

Everyone got dressed in their Christmas finest.

12.24 Christmas Eve (3)

12.24 Christmas Eve (9)

12.24 Christmas Eve (7)

Then we walked next door to the neighbor’s house for their annual Christmas Eve Open House.

12.24 Christmas Eve (12)

Even though they had to get up at 3am to leave for a family trip to New York City, they were gracious enough to still host the party since this will be their last Christmas in their house (it is currently for sale…boo hoo!).

12.24 Christmas Eve (15)

Who wants to be our neighbors so they can join in on our regular Taco Tuesday nights and Christmas Eve celebration?! We are going to miss the Dailey family.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2018”

  1. They were truly “good sports” having their yearly Open House despite the fact they were flying to New York early on Christmas! All 9 of the Miklas clan had a good time!


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