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Jaguars vs. Dolphins

In honor of Sunday’s Jacksonville Jaguars versus Miami Dolphins football game, the Jaguars organized an overnight trip to Miami for each employee and one guest, leaving Saturday and returning Sunday night after the game.


They chartered some coach buses for the ride down to Miami and put everyone up in a hotel for the night.


I would have liked to have gone with Carl but with Anthony and Kameko in town and Kelly and Avram arriving on Sunday, I didn’t want to miss the time away from the kids. So Zack went in my place for some father-son bonding time.


There was a welcome reception on Saturday evening after they arrived and pregame tailgating before the game. I’m told Zack ate 5 hotdogs at the tailgating!


I’m sure that Zack enjoyed the football game much more than I would have anyways.


And besides, it gave me an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of Zack’s upstairs loft while he was away, since Kelly and Avram will be staying upstairs with him during their visit. I was able to remove all his empty cans, bottles and trash from the couch cushions before they arrived.


Oh Zack….when will you stop being such a slob?!?




3 thoughts on “Jaguars vs. Dolphins”

  1. I thought Zack was moving in with me? But then again I have no room for him to hide in so he would have to be neat, neat, neat!! Nice father son bonding trip, I hope Zack enjoyed it as I am sure Carl did.


  2. That’s “our” Zack!!!! I know he was thrilled Mom cleaned up his space while he was enjoying a football game away from home with his Dad!


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