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Tucson Visit

Carl and I just returned from a crazy, hectic weekend in Phoenix, celebrating Anthony’s college graduation and meeting our future daughter-in-law. More on that to come! But first, we were able to head down to one of our favorite places for five nights to spend some time with Aunt Sandy in her beautiful home in Tucson.

12.18 Aunt Sandy's House (1)

When my mom heard that we were going there before the graduation weekend, she decided to crash the party and come along with us.

12.18 Aunt Sandy's House (2)

We enjoyed relaxing at Aunt Sandy’s and sharing in cocktails, meals and plenty of games together.

12.18 Aunt Sandy's House (4)

The days were sunny and warm and the evenings were cool, perfect for sitting by the fire each night. Aunt Sandra was thrilled that Carl enjoyed building the tending the fire as much as she does.

Carl and I broke away one morning for a hike in Sabino Canyon, since our trips to Tucson wouldn’t be complete without spending time in the beautiful foothills.

12.11.18 Hiking in Sabino Canyon (10)

We tried a new hike this time, after a 70-year old man told us it was his favorite hike. It was a grueling 1/2 mile uphill climb with panoramic views at the top. At least that’s what I’m told, since I couldn’t make the last 15 minutes.

12.11.18 Hiking in Sabino Canyon (3)

It’s embarrassing to be shown up by a 70-year old.

Sitting in a lounge chair and gorging myself on popcorn at the movie theater was my reward for almost making the entire hike. We saw A Star is Born and enjoyed it.

12.11.18 A Star is Born Movie

Aunt Sandra also took us to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum…a place that we have never been to in all our years of visiting Tucson.

12.10.18 Sonora Desert Museum (1)

It was a beautiful walk (or ride) through natural Tucson gardens with exhibits with various native animals.

12.10.18 Sonora Desert Museum (4)

I’m not exactly sure how they are native animals to the desert, but we even got to pet and feed some stingrays!

We also enjoyed a lovely lunch break at the museum with these beautiful Prickly Pear cocktails.

12.10.18 Sonora Desert Museum (2)

Thanks for taking us to museum Aunt Sandra!

On our final full day, we enjoyed lunch with my uncle Larry and his wife, Judy and were able to teach them our new favorite card game, 4 Up and 4 Down.

12.12.18 Lunch and Cards with Larry and Judy (2)

It was a great visit in Tucson and I’m so glad that we got to spend time with Aunt Sandra before all the madness in Phoenix. Thank you for a lovely time Aunt Sandra. I hope that Alexa is still keeping you company in Tucson!

5 thoughts on “Tucson Visit”

  1. Thank you, Kristy for sending this. It’s so fun to see you all together enjoying your time in Tucson. Happy to hear Anthony has finished school and is walking with the Lord. His fiancé looks very sweet. Merry Christmas! 😍 Janice

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  2. Thanks for the great report, can’t believe you’ve never been to the desert museum. It’s one of my favorite places in all the world!
    Great to see you all but briefly.
    And I must tell you how much your visit meant to my buddy Sandra. She loved talking old times with your sweet mom and she always loves seeing you and is amazed by you knowledge, helpfulness and kindness. Hope to see you again soon, sorry it won’t be for the wedding.
    Have a great Christmas. I know you will!


  3. I too, would like to thank Sandra for her hospitality and a wonderful time. It was great catching up on old times and spending time with you. Anxious to hear about Alexa and your new TV, I hope both are working for you and you are enjoying the entertainment. Thank you Kristy and Carl for letting me crash your visit, loved spending time with both of you in Tucson with more to come in Phoenix.


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