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Guest Bathroom Update

When we moved to Jacksonville, I used the shower curtain and other items from the boy’s bathroom update from 2012 as shown below for our guest bathroom.

bathroom 44
Minnesota: Boy’s bathroom

That means that I had been looking at that same unironed, wrinkled red, brown and tan shower curtain, towels and bath rug for over 6 years.

Magnolia Falls House 033
Jacksonville: Guest bathroom

Sometime after we moved to Jacksonville and the photo above, I finally ironed the curtain and it made a world of difference. Ironing is just not my thing, people but jeepers, I can NOT believe that I left it like that for several years. How embarrassing.

This is another shot of the Jacksonville guest bathroom, after I affixed a border around the mirror and covered the ugly medicine cabinet with a piece of artwork but before we replaced that ugly light fixture.

Mirrors (3)

So earlier this summer, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to update the guest bathroom and asked him if he’d help me remove the ugly builder’s mirror and medicine cabinet. I also dreamed of putting shiplap on the wall across from the toilet. He said he would but not until the fall 😦 . He also said he wanted me to model the bathroom after our friends, Dee and Eddy’s newly remodeled bathroom since he really liked the style. Here is a photo Dee sent me of their bathroom.


It turns out the delay was a good thing because other friends from church mentioned that they were driving to southern Illinois to pick up a truck load of old barn wood and said that we could have some for free.

Bathroom (2)

I cleaned off the wood and brushed on a coat of polyurethane to protect it since it was going into a humid bathroom.

The first step in our bathroom transformation was for Carl to remove the mirror and medicine cabinet and patch the wall, including filling in some holes and spraying orange peel spray over the repaired areas to match the rest of the texture on the walls.

Bathroom (1)

When he was done, Carl installed our gorgeous wood on the largest wall, going about two-thirds of the way up the wall.

Bathroom (6)

Then I painted the remaining walls the same color as Dee and Eddy did, but just slightly darker (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt/Comfort Gray).

Bathroom (3)

Next I placed a tile border, just like Dee and Eddy’s bathroom, but in a different, beachy style.

Bathroom (5)

Instead of patching the medicine cabinet with drywall, we decided to make an inset tiled shelf framed with leftover wood.

Bathroom (7)

This is after the outside molding was completed. We plan on putting a shelf across the middle but we haven’t done that yet.

Bathroom (8)

After the finishing touches, like a new free-hanging mirror, shower curtain, towels, rug, artwork, outlet covers, wastebasket, hooks and toilet paper holder, the bathroom was complete!

I love it so much!

Finished bathroom (3)

This is with the light off so you can see our light fixture better.

Finished bathroom (2)

And here is the wall across from the toilet and sink.

I thank my handy husband for his hard work in helping me complete my vision. And thanks again to Dee and Eddy for the inspiration. And to our friends, Ed and Brenda, for the beautiful wood. This room was definitely a group effort! I know that our guests will really enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Update”

  1. Love love it!!! What a great transformation…..The colors coordinate so well with the barn wood. Look forward seeing & enjoying the “real thing” when we are one of the many guests that will grace your home for the Christmas holiday! Yudoos to you both….


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