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Mega Millions


Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’ll find out if I’ve beat the 1 in 303 million odds of winning the all-time world record lottery jackpot. Because, no, even with the prospect of winning $1.6 billion dollars, I’m not staying up until 11pm ET tonight to see if I’ve won.

I just wanted to document that if I’m so blessed as to win such an excessive amount of money, these are some of the things that I plan on doing with it (besides investing and saving plenty for my family/children/grandchildren):

  • Donating a large portion to our church, some missionaries that we support and various charities that we are passionate about, including Teen Challenge. Probably even staring our own charity involving something our whole family can get involved in.
  • Providing each child, parent, sibling, niece and nephew with a new house, new vehicle and a little nest egg. You’re welcome, family!
  • Purchasing myself houses in those areas that I would move between as desired each season…Hawaii, Minnesota, Tucson and Jacksonville for a start.
  • Buying myself a new vehicle or two for sure. I’m definitely ready for an upgrade from the 2003 car that I drive.
  • Giving Anthony and Kameko their dream wedding and honeymoon and bringing in everybody that would like to attend (just the wedding, not the honeymoon…ha!).
  • Travel, travel and more travel! Some traveling that I would like to do includes cruising (of course) but more specifically some intercontinental cruising and some river cruising. I would love to visit Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and more of Europe. I would also love to rent buy an RV and travel all across the USA.
  • Hire people to do those things I don’t love doing but do because somebody has to do it! Those things include grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, maintaining the pool and folding the laundry (I don’t mind the washing and drying…it’s the last step that I hate).
  • Yearly family vacations to all sorts of fun places.
  • Ripping out all the flooring in our house and replacing it with high quality, beautiful, hand-scraped bamboo flooring throughout.
  • Buying a new fancy adjustable bed that heats and cools each side independently.

That’s all that I can think of right off the top of my head.

What would YOU do if YOU won the jackpot??

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