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What’s Up with the Family

I really do try to blog more but life is just different now with the kids (mostly) grown and on their own. I had thought possibly that I would stop blogging at my 10th anniversary, but with Anthony’s college graduation and wedding in the next year, I wanted to document those events. So anyway, I did want to give a few random updates on each family member.


1.2003 Coco Cuffs

Zack eating his Coco Cuffs, as he called them.

Zack is still working about 30-hours a week at the lumber yard and attending classes at FSCJ three nights a week. We were a little nervous since we found out that Zack had to take and pass remedial reading, English and math classes in order to obtain his certificate since he scored so low on the placement tests (I’m sure partly due to lack of trying since he didn’t think it would matter). So this semester he has remedial reading and one introductory computer class. And much to our joy, he actually said he likes the reading class more than the computer class, which is a little too basic/boring for him. He’s off to a good start and we are hoping to add a few more classes to his schedule next semester. Zack is an officially registered voter and is excited to vote in the primaries next month. If anybody is looking for a good political debate, Zack loves to talk politics! Or Marvel movies. Or video games. Or computers. Or current events. 🙂


Portland (16)...Thanksgiving Day

Anthony is working hard at his last semester of college. He spends most of his time attending classes, writing papers and face-timing with Kameko in Hawaii. We were happy to hear that he actually got together with his cousin, Abby, in Phoenix for dinner one night and they are planning on a camping trip together next month.


Thanksgiving with Gma and Gpa (3)

Kelly is finishing up her graduate coursework and working at an unpaid internship at a Mental Health Clinic in Minneapolis. She is enjoying it and gaining a lot of experience being a Mental Health counselor. She is also continuing her position as an AuPair coordinator for the Minneapolis area and oversees about local 10 AuPairs and families. And as if that wasn’t enough, she nannies for various children in her spare time! Her boyfriend, Avram, bought a rental house with his parents and he has been spending his weekends fixing it up over the past few months. During the week, he continues as a full-time inner city, middle school history teacher, a job that is not for the faint-at-heart. Way to go, Avram!


Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, LTD., Director
Owner/Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in Naperville, IL

My favorite, weekly Tuesday client had the nerve to try to start thinking about retirement (he turns 65 in December) and is cutting back on his hours so I’m only working for him twice a month now (as opposed to weekly), which is a bummer since I like working with him and my husband liked the money. I still have a total of 8 clients, which works out to about 10 hours of work a week, which is good with me but my husband would like to see more. Slave-driver!

In my free time the past few months, I scanned, edited, organized and saved to my hard drive and “the cloud” all 55+ photo albums from 1986 to 2006 (when we went all digital), which equaled over 37,000 photos and 75 GB of space. It was really fun reliving ALL of our family memories over the years and seeing the kids grow up before my eyes!


bike (1)
Carl’s 30th birthday fling!

Carl, who works more than 10 hours a week (barely) is excited for the cooler weather since it means that it is football season and so he can start on a few home improvement projects. The current project involves updating our guest bathroom before the deluge of visitors for Christmas. Stay tuned for a blog post when it’s completed!

5.Jacobsens joined us for next 3 nights (3)
Vacationing with good friends.

So many happy memories!

7 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Family”

  1. Thank you for sharing all the news about your family. The years have gone by too fast but it is so nice to see how well you are all doing. Looking forward to more memories with Anthony”s graduation and wedding.


    1. Carl has a job that is generally very low stress with extremely flexible hours (usually getting to work around 10am and often leaving by 4pm) that sometimes feels like he is semi-retired, so that is our inside joke.


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