It's About Me, Praises


Can you believe that I have been blogging for 10-years?! Yes, it’s true! From August 14, 2008 until August 14, 2015 I blogged about life, homeschooling and crafting at Kristy’s Corner. In 2015, after our move to Jacksonville, I felt it was time for a fresh start so I moved to Jaxty’s Place and have been blogging here since. Most of Kristy’s Corner blog posts have been made private, with the exception of the crafting posts.

I thought it would be fun to give you some facts about my blogs in honor of my blogaversary.

  • Number of Posts:
    • Kristy’s Corner: 1,431
    • Jaxty’s Place: 257
  • Most Popular Topic:
    • Kristy’s Corner: Crafting
    • Jaxty’s Place: The Kids
  • Most Viewed Post:
    • Kristy’s Corner: Due to being published on some crafting websites and being pinned on Pinterest, these two posts have some whopping counts!

(We still have two out of three of these trees – the red one got broken during the move to JAX).

(We don’t have these any more…they got all rusty after a few years.

  • Followers:
    • Kristy’s Corner: 43
    • Jaxty’s Place: 27
  • Number of Comments:
    • Kristy’s Corner: 9.6 thousand
    • Jaxty’s Place: 1.1 thousand
  • Most Frequent Commenter: It’s actually the exact same for both blog sites!
    • #1: My mom (yay for mom!)
    • #2: My dad (yay for dad and his “nice”)
    • #3: My aunt Gale (yay for auntie)
  • Search Terms That Brought People to My Blog:
    • Kristy’s Corner: 
      • Kris Humphries parents: 1,681 times (due to a blog post I wrote about our former pastor performing the wedding ceremony between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian…I tried to find it but couldn’t)
      • braces: 204 times (I have no idea why this drew so many searches to my blog…yes, both boys had braces and I featured some photos but geez)
      • bottle cap wind chimes: 182 times (see post above)
      • tabernacle: 147 times (due to a classic blog post I wrote about Anthony’s school project)
      • eating pizza: 145 times (ha…apparently I blogged about eating pizza a lot!)
    • Jaxty’s Place: only one search has brought somebody to my blog
      • A painting with a road going off into the sunset (ha! What the heck? I don’t think I’ve even used that phrase ever in my blog or talked about that even remotely.)

For those that are still here, reading my blog, THANK YOU! For those that have been here from the beginning…an extra special THANK YOU! For those that leave me comments, which really do make my day and help me feel connected to you, an extra, extra special THANK YOU!

I keep wondering when it will be time to stop blogging but honestly, I do it for my family and my kids and my grandkids-to-be. Each year when I create my blog book full of family photos and memories, I hope and pray that one day they all will enjoy looking through these precious memories. I think it would be so cool to read a book written about my parents and grandparents when they were a young family. So speaking of that, it’s off to create my next blog book…Volume Number 10!


4 thoughts on “HAPPY 10-YEAR BLOGAVERSARY!”

  1. I guess I should start commenting so I can be part of the blessing for “making your day”! Love your blog. It’s such a sweet way to connect with you guys. 🤗


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