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Thank you for Being a Friend

(Cue the Golden Girls Theme song)

While Carl was busy taping dance recitals all day Saturday and Sunday, I had a full schedule of visiting friends.

My original schedule had to be shifted around when Carl and I stopped at the Chaska Target first thing Saturday morning for some shampoo. We ran into the son of a couple from our church we had attended. He asked if we were going to his cousin’s grad party later that day. “Grad party? What grad party? No, I wasn’t going but I am now!” So after dropping Carl off at the high school for the video shoots, and stopping at Caribou, where I ran into more old friends, I crashed the grad party, which was awesome because I was able to visit with so many people from our former church.

I had intended to take photos of each group I visited but in my rush from place to place each few hours, I typically forgot. I am so bummed with myself. Boo…bad blogger.

After visiting the grad party and bringing Carl a plate of food from the party for lunch, we both visited with Carl’s friend, Paul, in between dance recitals.

After leaving them to visit longer, I headed off to visit with our old neighbors, Lou and Neil. Realizing I was running short on time, I shifted a visit to our rental townhouse to the next day. Then it was on to visit, Julie and Kent. And finally, it was off to Deb and Ron’s house. Phew!

Deb and Ron made me dinner and then we visited for a while until Carl was done with recitals for the day. After picking him up and feeding him a plate of food we saved for him, it was time for some cards with Deb and Ron.

So good to catch up with them after 3 years! I miss our card nights together.

The next day, we went to our former church for the worship portion. After dropping Carl off at the high school for his day’s shooting, I returned to church to meet up with a few ladies for lunch. We had a great afternoon dining at one of the newer restaurants in downtown Chaska and seeing the beautiful new Curling Center and recreational area around the lake there. What an amazing addition to our former small town! Well done, Chaska!

I then zipped over to our rental townhouse to meet the tenant and check out the place. I was grateful to learn she is not planning on moving out anytime soon. I was then able to meet up with my friend Tina and spend time with her and her twins at a local park on an absolutely beautiful Minnesota afternoon.

My final stop was for dinner and drinks with our friends, Steve and Kathy and kids.

It made me really regret not spending more time with them in MN because they are so sweet and so fun. I hope that I convinced them that we would love to have them visit JAX at any time.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to visit so many friends in a whirlwind two days. I love friends that you can just pick up your friendships like it was yesterday and the conversation and laughs are plentiful. I miss all of those wonderful people and loved seeing them all!

We are grateful we were able to stay with Kelly and Avram in their cute duplex.

We are especially grateful that Kelly had cleaned so well that her cat, Peach, didn’t bother Carl’s allergies.

Peach is a real loveable sweetie and we are glad that Kelly adopted her.

We are grateful for a productive and fun weekend in Minnesota. Thanks to all!

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