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MN Vikings Performance Center

On Friday, Carl and I were able to tour the new multi-millionaire dollar MN Viking Performance Center.

When you first walk in the employee entrance, you see the “One Team” wall, with the name of every employee that has ever worked for the team engraved on the wall.

We had to find Carl’s name, of course.

So cool! As we walked around the facility, Carl ran into former coworkers at every turn, including the accounting staff.

Vikings (5)

After seeing the offices, meeting rooms and cafeteria upstairs, we got to see all the fun stuff on the main floor, including the indoor and outdoor practice fields and the weight room.

Our tour guide, Kim, the head of security, took us into the press room….

…the Draft room…

…and the locker room.

Coworker, Kelly

There were all sorts of interesting details throughout the facility. The ceiling over the seating area in the locker room was bowed to simulate the bottom of a Viking ship, with the wood beams simulating the oars coming out of the ship.

There was also this interesting photo in the lobby.

When you look closely, it is actually made up of words that tell the story of the MN Vikings from the inception to the present day.

There were only two pieces of furniture or equipment brought over from Winter Park to the new facility and that was Max Winter’s desk and credenza (shown in top left photo below) which now grace Bud Grant’s office at the new facility.

That desk was previously used by Bud Grant years ago and then Head Coach, Mike Tice and then some lowly employee, named Carl, for 14 years. I told Carl that he should have carved his name inside the desk drawer while he had the chance.

It was a really amazing tour. The owners really spared no expense and the attention to detail was impressive. It almost made Carl wish that he was still a part of the organization. Except for the longer commute that he would have then had…in fact, there is no way we would have stayed in our former house. We would have had to move closer. And other factors that were instrumental in his leaving were still an issue. So we are grateful for where God has brought us! We are so glad to have had a chance to tour the new facility. Thanks Kim!

5 thoughts on “MN Vikings Performance Center”

  1. Very impressive!! They did a great job and it doesn’t look like they cared about expense. Carl, your name will forever be associated with the Minnesota Vikings.


  2. I bet it was a thrill being “back” & being able to see the new facility! Love the fact you will be associated with the Vikings forever & ever. How cool is that?


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