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Minneapolis Weekend

Last Thursday, Carl and I flew to Minneapolis for our last dance recital of the season. This is our big recital, with 6 shows in one weekend, whereby Carl gets to watch nearly 250 dance routines in one weekend. And I got to spend all my time visiting one friend after another!

But first came the fun of trying to get there. I shared the following story on Facebook.

We had an interesting experience at airport security while still in line. There was a loud shout by an employee, all the machines came to a complete halt and there was dead silence and nobody moved. Airport police descended upon a man who had just gone through the XRay machine, put his arms behind his back, handcuffed him and led him away. Then it was like somebody flipped a switch and suddenly everybody started moving again and making noise. That’s the first time we’ve ever seen somebody getting arrested in the security line!

That was exciting and a little freaky! We made it through the first leg of our trip without any further complications, landing in Nashville at around 5:30pm. Our next flight was supposed to take off at 6:10. However, immediately after landing, we got a notification that it was delayed until 6:50 due to weather on the East Coast, where our next plane was coming from. Then it was delayed until 7:20. Then 7:50. And so on and so on for the next three hours, with our flight getting delayed for another half hour at a time. Ugh….so aggravating! Fiiiiiiinnnnnally, our flight took off at 11:30 pm, arriving in Minneapolis at 1:30pm.

So much fun!! The other aggravating aspect was that the rental car agency closed at 11:00pm so we couldn’t even get our rental car. We ended up taking an Uber to Kelly’s apartment, where we stayed and then she drove us back to the airport the next morning to get our car. Good times! Traveling is so much fun!!

After a tour of the new MN Vikings training facility (which I’ll blog about tomorrow), we picked up Kelly to celebrate National Donut Day, by getting donuts for lunch at her favorite place.

Yes, Carl and I ate donuts! We deserved them after all of our traveling hassles the night before.

We returned to Kelly’s place to greet Avram after work and enjoy some cocktails and cards on the deck of their duplex.

Then we walked five blocks to a local restaurant for dinner with a Avram’s parents, whom I have never met (Carl met them last year). Avram’s dad walked in with a few treasures he found at a local garage sale and proceeded to put his puppet in a baby seat at the table! Now we see where Avram gets his quirkiness.

We had a great dinner with lots of conversation and laughs. So we invited them back to the duplex for some cards.

We really enjoyed our day in Minneapolis and our time with Kelly, Avram and his parents. As we told Kelly and Avram, we give them our blessing and look forward to their engagement announcement and wedding next!

1 thought on “Minneapolis Weekend”

  1. What a horrible experience at both airports! I try only to fly direct if possible and affordable just for the reason of delay or missing a connection. The donuts looks yummy! What fun you had with Avram’s parents, your time in Minnesota looks like you have some great new memories.


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