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Beach and Game Day

Unfortunately, Mom, John and Laurie decided to visit during the stormiest week in Florida in a long while. The forecast called for clouds and rain pretty much all week. So we were happy to see the shining sun when we woke up Wednesday morning. Mom decided to stay home and soak in some rays at the pool while I took John and Laurie for a walk on the beach.

John, who I mentioned was an avid geocacher, wanted to look for a few geocaches. For the first one, we stood examining a mural on a brick wall in the heat with no luck. We tried again near a bench at the beach, also with no luck. I decided that John has a dumb hobby.

After stopping for lunch at the beach, we headed home so that John could be the first person of the season to jump into the pool. Mom was technically the first one in the pool but she was on top of a float so John gets full credit.

I then bribed Laurie to sit outside by playing scrabble with her.

She must have been overcome by the heat because I actually beat her!

After taking a break to smoke steaks, served with mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes and green beans, it was game night. We started with three rounds of the game Bang. John was the first winner, playing the role of Renegade.

We then played three games of Camp Cards and three games of 4 Up/4 Down (which John googled and found out was also called *hithead).

It was a fun day together. I am grateful that the weather held out for most of the day until dinner time when the skies opened up and it poured like crazy for several hours. Let’s hope we get as lucky on Thursday as we head down to St. Augustine for the day to celebrate Carl’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Beach and Game Day”

  1. I opted out from the beach to have a relaxing afternoon floating in the pool and working on my tan until it rained. It cleared up and I was able to return to the pool. Dinner was delicious and the games are always fun. Vacationing at the Miklas Resort is wonderful!


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