The Family, The Relatives


Carl made a quick trip to Minneapolis last weekend to videotape a dance recital. He stayed with our friends, Kent and Julie.

May 12 (1)

After the dance recital, Kent and Julie were gracious enough to invite Kelly and Avram to join them all for dinner.

May 12 (2)

It was a very short and sweet trip to MSP and Carl is considering whether he will continue with that dance studio next year.

Meanwhile, back in Jacksonville, my mother arrived for a visit on Saturday.

Mom's Day (1)

It was nice to spend Mother’s day with her relaxing out by the pool with cocktails. Carl was home in time to buy us Chinese food for dinner.

On Monday, my brother, John, and his wife, Laurie, arrived as well.


They recently relocated from Portland, OR to southern IL and are waiting for their new house to be completed so they decided to come visit Jacksonville.

So yesterday, we began with a tour of TIAA Bank Field (formerly known as Everbank Field).

Everbank Field (4)

We saw some of the old standby sites, like the view from the Pool Deck area and Carl’s office.

Everbank Field (3)

But this was the first time that I was able to take a peek inside the owner’s suite.

Everbank Field (2)

Side note: Since John, Laurie, Carl and I all graduated from the University of Illinois, they were interested to learn that the owner, Shad Khan, is a fellow Illini. Cool!

Since John, an avid geocacher, saw there was a geocache just a few steps away, we walked over to see the Veteran’s Memorial outside the stadium.

Veteran's Memorial

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that during my almost 4 years here!

After our tour of the stadium and a quick stop for lunch, we went on a tour of the Sally Corp. This is a local factory in downtown Jacksonville that makes animatronics for amusement and theme parks (we learned that there is a difference between the two…with theme parks being centered around one theme).

Sally Corp Robot Factory (1)

We learned about the whole process and saw several examples in action, including this T-Rex.

Sally Corp Robot Factory (2)

It was an interesting tour that I read about in an article in 10 FREE Things to do in Jacksonville. So glad that we went.

We then went back home and played a round of Settlers of Catan.


I was the winner…so yay!!

Finally, we ended our night with Taco Tuesday with our friends and neighbors. There were 13 of us and lots of tacos were consumed, with John winning the race with 6 tacos consumed. Way to go John!



2 thoughts on “Visitors!”

  1. It definitely was a fun filled day running between the raindrops. The stadium is always great to visit, thank you Carl. Lunch was on the river, although we ate inside since it was raining. The robot factory was very interesting with the last stop at a candy factory. I always enjoys taco Tuesday and being with my Florida friends. Love being with family in Florida!


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