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Second Port-of-Call: Grand Cayman

During a previous family cruise that stopped in Grand Cayman, we were scheduled to take an excursion to Stingray City but due to a broken boat motor, it ended up being canceled and we never got to go. So with a stop in Grand Cayman on this cruise and interest from everybody in our group except Ben’s grandma, I decided to organize a private excursion to Stingray City through Native Way Sports.

Cayman (1)It was just our group of 21 on a charted boat with a fantastic crew. Our first stop was Stingray City, a sandbar visited by dozens and dozens of stingrays who are used to large crowds coming to feed them so there was no danger involved.

Cayman (16)
My stud muffin!

Cayman (14)Our guide, David, promptly picked up a Stingray, taught us about it, then let us all touch it and feed it.

Cayman (8)

Next, the boat brought us to the coral reef for about a half-hour of snorkeling. We all saw plenty of fish, an eel, a stingray and lots of coral.

Our final stop was at Starfish point, where, you guessed it, we saw lots of starfish!

Cayman (20)

This excursion was the highlight of the whole cruise for most of us. It was such a neat experience and I’m so glad that it all worked out this time.

Cayman (26)

Thanks to Native Way Sports for a memorable experience.


4 thoughts on “Second Port-of-Call: Grand Cayman”

  1. I am still a little leary of stingrays after Steve Irwin was killed but it looks like none of you were afraid. Looks like it was fun and love that almost all participated in that excursion. I have to admit Carl does look like a hunk. lol


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