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First Port-of-Call: Jamaica

After one sea day, our first port-of-call was in Jamaica.

Jamaica (1)

For the past 9 months, our church has hosted a family from Jamaica while pastor-in-training, Sheldon, completed an internship after going through the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s college. Sheldon, Sara and their two young boys just returned to Jamaica last week and, along with two other new pastors, will be planting a new Sovereign Grace church in Jamaica later this year. So it was really fun to catch up with them on their home turf.

Jamaica (6)We met up at the Margaritaville at the port for lunch together.

Jamaica (12)We are so glad that they made the drive over to visit with us during our stop in Jamaica.

Jamaica (11)We can’t wait to see what God is going to do with them and their church plant in bringing the gospel message to their fellow Jamaicans.

2 thoughts on “First Port-of-Call: Jamaica”

  1. How great was that to see Pastor Sheldon and his family in Jamaica! Best wishes to them with the new church and to share God’s Blessings with others.


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