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Carnival Vista

Our cruise was filled with so much fun and so many happy memories were made. Carl and I enjoyed the usual cruise stuff, like relaxing on the decks and reading, listening to music, partaking in trivia contests, enjoying delicious meals and some happy napping :).

We also took in nightly shows.


We played games.

Deuce (1)Games (1)Games (2)

We took moonlight strolls.

Moon (2)

We saw some amazing magic tricks. This magician took our photo, revealing our chosen card hidden in the deck without our knowing until we saw the photo!


We dressed up for formal night.

Formal Night (10)
Love this photo, even with the crazy hair!

Formal Night (2)

Formal Night (15)
Two handsome dudes and their new tuxedos.

Formal Night (17)

We dressed up again for a second formal night.

Formal Night 2 (5)

Formal Night 2 (11)

And we had way too many laughs about “laying a deuce” so it was kind of ironic that this happened…

Deuce (3)

We are so grateful for Dee and Eddy including us in all the fun.

50th Shirts (10)

Looking forward to our next cruise together!

2 thoughts on “Carnival Vista”

  1. Great Pictures!! Everyone looks terrific!! Looks like lots of fun and laughs, which means you all had a wonderful time.


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