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Our Friend’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Cruise!

Our friends, Dee and Eddy, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary earlier this year. God has been faithful to them through the years! What an example they have been to those around them.

50th Shirts (19)

They decided to organize a cruise to celebrate this momentous occasion. Their son and his family came along.

50th Shirts (16)
Craig, Sharlyn and their two sons. They also have two daughters who were not able to come.

Sharlyn’s best friend and family came along.

50th Shirts (17)
Jamie, Tom and their two boys

Sharlyn’s son’s best friend, Ben and Ben’s grandma came along.

50th Shirts (18)
Diane and Ben, whose cruise shirts got mistakenly left behind

Dee and Eddy’s unofficially adopted daughter, Allyson, and her family, including her in-laws, came along.

50th Shirts (15)
Allyson, Russ, their 4 kids and Russ’s parents, Mic and Lynn

And of course Carl and I came along because we won’t pass up an opportunity to cruise, especially with friends!

50th Shirts (22)

Altogether, we had 22 people…12 adults and 10 children! Sharlyn made those adorable shirts for us all. We all picked out our own shirts and gave them to her but then she designed and attached the vinyl logo.

50th Shirts (20)

We took a 6-night cruise on the Carnival Vista out of Miami.

Miami (1)

Carl and I drove down a day early and spent the night with Steve, Alysia and kids (the family that evacuated to our house for 5 nights during the last hurricane).


It was a wonderful week away with good friends and I’ll share more about it all week.

Happy Anniversary Dee and Eddy!

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