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Going Deep

Carl has always loved the water.


He remembers going scuba diving in Lake Geneva with family friends, Art and Pearl Mix, and his best friend, Andy. He always thought it was a neat experience and he probably would have pursued it further with the Mix family if Carl’s family hadn’t moved to TN.


Carl recently found out that Art Mix lives about an hour south of us so he went to visit him on a Saturday morning. Art reminded Carl of his love for Scuba diving.

Art Mix

So with our move to Florida and a lack of home projects to keep him busy, Carl finally decided it was time to get certified and commit to scuba diving as his new hobby.


Carl spent the last two weekends at Sea Hunt Scuba in St. Augustine, taking classes, passing a written exam, completing two closed water pool dives and going on four open water dives at Manatee Springs State Park and Troy State Park on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Carl is on the far right.

He is very excited to be starting this new hobby and is looking forward to his first salt water dive with our friend, Russ, in Cozumel when we go on our next cruise with 20 friends from church next weekend!! I look forward to sharing more on his adventures and on our next cruise.


4 thoughts on “Going Deep”

  1. Wow.. very impressive! So happy Carl’s love of scuba diving has “surfaced” after all these years. A Pretty darn exciting hobby to pursue. So, after only 2 weekends & a test, he is certified? Why am I not surprised!!! Sounds like this trip to Cozumel will be doubly exciting!!
    We will expect to see lots of “under water” wonders!


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