Praises, The Relatives

Happy 50th Birthday, Leslie!

Today is Carl’s sister’s 50th birthday!

Leslie, Jim and Carl as youngsters
I’m told this is one of Leslie’s favorite photos.

Luckily Sue stopped cutting Leslie’s hair by the time she was a pre-teen.

1979 – 11 years old

The first photo that I could find of me and Leslie was my first trip to Memphis to meet his family for Easter…I don’t recall if that was the first time that we met in person but I tend to think so.

1983 (11)
1983 – 15 years old

We became pen pals after that and I remember writing to her regularly from college. A few years later, she would be a bridesmaid in my wedding to Carl.

1986 (2)
1986 – 18 years old

We were both so young and pretty!

1986 (1)

A few years later, I would be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Tom Dufus.

1991 – 23 years old

What a beautiful bride!


With many miles between us and busy lives as young, married, working people, we didn’t get together often enough in those early years. However, her ex-husband was a pilot and they owned their own plane for a while, which they flew to our family reunion in Chicago to visit with us.

1994 – 26 years old

They visited us at our new home in Minnesota when we asked Leslie to be Zack’s godmother a few years later.

1999 – 31 years old

Single and living in the Memphis-area near her parents, we were so happy to reconnect with Leslie and draw closer to her after this time with more regular visits and conversations. Yay! Leslie celebrated her 40th birthday with her good friend, Lori.

2008 – 40 years old

We were happy to spend some time with her and the rest of the Miklas clan on vacation in Marco Island, Florida that summer.

2008 – still 40

Carl began to make yearly visits to see his parents and sister and enjoyed this special time with just his family.

2013 – 45 years old

We had a fun time hanging out at the beach and playing games each night at my boss’ beach house a few years ago in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

2016 – 48 years old

I am so happy to have Leslie in our lives. Although we don’t talk as often as I like and I would love to live closer together so we could visit regularly, I cherish the times that we do have together. Conversation is always easy and fun and we have a good time.

2017 – 49 years old

Leslie is sweet, funny, caring and usually so patient with her parents. We are glad that they have each other nearby to help each other out. I am happy to have her as my sister-in-law and friend. I wish her a fantastic 50th birthday and a peaceful and joyful year. Here’s hoping to finding your sugar daddy this year, Leslie! Happy Birthday to you!


4 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Leslie!”

  1. Awwwww! Thanks so much Kris! You made my DAY! I love all the pictures! Very sweet of you to look for these and get the correct age. Brings back fun memories and really makes me thankful for my family🤗🤗 Love you guys very much😚😚


  2. Happy 50th Birthday Leslie!! Fun going back in time and nothing but good times to follow.
    Just think you can join AARP now and get senior discounts!
    Love you!!


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