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Ladies Craft Night

I mentioned to a crafty friend at church, Sharlyn, that we were long overdue for a craft night but I had run out of ideas. She suggested making painted wooden signs and offered to provide all the materials if I hosted at my house. Deal!

This is the idea that she found online.

I didn’t have much to do other than set out some drinks and snacks for the 8 ladies that signed up to come.

Sharlyn brought the prepared boards and precut vinyl and the ladies affixed the vinyl to the boards. (It was actually a multi-step process that involved carefully removing the letters with tooth-picks to leave the reverse image, adhering transfer tape, affixing the vinyl to the wood and removing the transfer tape.)

From L to R: Alissa, Jaime, me, Melissa, Sharlyn, Claudia, Pat, Sara, and Michelle

Then we painted the words, using the vinyl as our stencil.

When we were done painting and peeled off the vinyl, we had lovely signs.

Here’s a closer look at mine.

Look how cute it looks on my mantel…

I love it. It was a fun night of creating and fellowship with some of my favorite people (although I missed a few women that couldn’t make it)! I look forward to hosting more craft nights with Sharlyn in the future.

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