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Pool Update

Magnolia Falls House 051
Our pool/backyard when we first moved in.

A basic plaster pool has a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. Our pool is now about 14 years old and the plaster was showing signs of wear and tear, especially on the edges.


Here’s a close-up of the damage around the pool.


So I convinced my husband to bite the bullet and pay the professionals to resurface our pool over the past month. It was about a two-week process. They started with draining the pool and cutting around the edge of the pool tiles (I’m not sure why they do that…after all, I’m not a professional). By the way, to replace the pool tiles would have been an extra $2,500 so we opted not to do that. I don’t mind the tiles that are currently around the pool. 


Then came the acid washing of the pool surfaces.


Next came patching and plastering over the entire surface of the pool.


Finally it was time to resurface the pool. We paid extra money to use a cool, variegated pebble finish instead of plain plaster. The pebble finish has a 25-year plus lifespan so we will definitely not have to resurface the pool again as it is extremely doubtful we will be in this house in another 25 years.


Here’s a close-up of the pebble-finish.


The last step was to fill the pool!


I really like how blue the pool looks now. It’s a deeper blue color the deeper the water is.


While the pool guys were working on the pool, I spent some time refreshing my directional sign. It’s amazing how faded and muted the colors were after just a few years in the Florida sun. I repainted each one and used my cricut this time for the lettering…so much better!


Here’s another view of the sign.


While I was at it, I also refreshed was the oars that were mounted on the fence.


Now the backyard is all ready for summer! Who wants to go swimming?


5 thoughts on “Pool Update”

  1. Looks beautiful!! What happened to the railing we talked about? lol I can’t wait to try the pool out when I come to visit in May.


    1. I did ask the guy about it but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. For one thing, a ground wire would have to be installed to prevent a lightening strike and he worried about the integrity of the pool lining. We decided it wasn’t worth it.


  2. The extra monies spent on the pebble finish was definitely worth it. The yard should be featured in House Beautiful!!!! Can’t imagine what other project needs to be done in a “perfect” Florida backyard Oasis! Looking forward seeing what ever it is! All the added “touches” all around the yard, complete the “look!”


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