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New Year, New Updates

For the first time in forever, I did not send Christmas cards in 2017. There wasn’t really any reason why I didn’t, other than I just never got around to it. As I get older, I find a desire to simplify my life and not get stressed out over things, especially things that I don’t really want to do. So that includes removing undue pressure to send Christmas cards to 100 of my closest family and friends. (Apparently it also includes eliminating the pressure to blog on a regular basis and after this post you can expect me to go back to my slacker ways).

Since I didn’t send out Christmas cards (and a Christmas letter), let me catch you up on some random family news.

Kelly: Kelly is finishing up her graduate work in psychology. She should have her coursework completed this summer. Next fall she will need to complete an unpaid internship and write her thesis paper. And then, if all goes well, she will get her Master’s degree next December. In the meantime, she’s holding down three jobs: substitute teaching for MSP public schools, nannying for Ollie and working as an AuPair coordinator. Keep up the great work, Kelly! 

Anthony: Anthony found out that he only had two classes to take his last semester (Jan to April, 2019). So by taking one extra class each of the next two semesters, he will be able to graduate early, in December, 2018 (with our luck, it will be the same weekend that Kelly graduates).  He is very excited to move-up his relocation to Hawaii by one whole semester. He’s also informed us that upon graduation, he will be proposing to his Hawaiian girlfriend, Kameko. All-righty then! We can’t wait to meet the future Mrs. Miklas.

Zack: After dropping out of tech college back in September, Zack had a January 1st deadline to 1) be enrolled in tech school/college 2) be working full-time or 3)enlist in the military. He went with Option 2 and just began a new full-time job at a local lumber yard, pulling orders and stocking lumber racks. We are hoping that the boredom and tedium will eventually lead him to Option 3 but for the time-being he is working Monday through Fridays from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

That’s all the latest news of the kids! Happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “New Year, New Updates”

  1. I am very proud of their accomplishments, they are all doing very well. Not everyone is meant for college although it certainly helps but in today’s world as Zack’s grandmother I would be in fear of him in the military. He will find his niche in life, he just needs time. Great job kids!!


  2. Wow two are almost to the finish line. What does Anthony plan on doing once he graduates? Zack’s job sounds like a new better job than fast food. Hope he finds what he likes.


    1. Anthony plans to move to Hawaii and surf :). If he can figure out how to get paid for that, even better. He may work in the tourism industry for a while until he figures out what he’s going to do with his Biblical Studies degree.
      P.S. Zack wasn’t in fast food. He’s worked at Lowe’s for the past year. But he couldn’t get a full-time job there so it was time to move on.


  3. A great synopsis of the Miklas’ siblings of Jacksonville. All three of them are unique wonderful individuals who are following God’s plan. God never said that the journey would be easy! All their dreams will come true in God’s good time. We love them all & are proud of each of them. Wish them much success in their life journey!


  4. Oh I didn’t know Zack had left the fast food industry. Well maybe something in the building industry will be in his future. Good luck to Anthony on a surfing career.
    Maybe he can job at the Salvation Army there in Hawaii.


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