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Formal Nights

Cruise ship formal nights are always a great time for photos! So allow me to share some of my favorites with you now.


Carl with his new tuxedo which he bought a few months ago since we are cruising veterans now! Since we apparently are avid cruisers (this was Number 6 for us), he figured it was worth the expense.



Where was Anthony in all these photos, you ask? Several times before the cruise, I asked Anthony if he had clothes to wear for dinner each night. He kept telling me he had it covered. When shopping a few days before departure, I even texted him several casual shirts that I wanted to buy him but he again said he had it covered. And then when we got on the ship and we were all getting ready for dinner, he informed me “I have nothing to wear.” So much for having it covered, Anthony! Arghhhh! (But at least he still came to dinner with us each night, wearing the one Hawaiin shirt that he brought with him.)


7 thoughts on “Formal Nights”

  1. Love the formal wear on all of you but look at Carl spiffed out in a tux. Nice job Carl.
    I think Zack could be a model, he knows the poses. I think you could have included Anthony in the photos in his Hawaiian shirt, that is who he is. You all look terrific!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing all the photos of our Christmas cruise, It certainly was a different but a fun way to celebrate Christmas. We all enjoyed being together off and on the ship all day but managed to have dinner each evening together & take in the show. Great weather, good food, great “drink of the Day”, Happy hour each day in our room @ 5 PM where we all met before dinner. Our grandchildren were a joy to be with along with Avrom & of course our son Carl & his lovely wife, our daughter in law Kristy! Memories we will cherish! Happy 2018 to all!


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