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Fourth Port-of-Call: Costa Maya, Mexico

Our final port-of-call was in Costa Maya, Mexico. For this port, the boys decided to stay on the ship with the grandparents while Carl, Kelly, Avram and I went to see the Mayan ruins of Chacchoben.


Our bus and tour guide, Hugo, guided us through the countryside and ruins, explaining all about the Mayan culture.


We got to see several ruins and were able to climb up them as well.


The highlight of the day, however, was seeing the spider monkeys in the trees surrounding the ruins.


It was a very interesting and educational day.

5 thoughts on “Fourth Port-of-Call: Costa Maya, Mexico”

  1. Interesting and educational, especially for the two school teachers. Were the monkeys friendly at all? What did the boys do on the ship with the grandparents?


    1. We heard that the monkeys will occasionally come down and steal items from the tourists but they aren’t friendly enough to be held or anything. The boys walked around the port and Zack went to a bar and bought himself two drinks, since we were in Mexico again and it was legal :).


  2. Nice. Jenny and I had an opportunity to climb the Mayan ruin and the steps were like 2.5 feet steep and the temp was 90 degrees. I did not do it. But Jenny did. They said it was last year they were allowing people to climb them. I am surprised they let you climb. I guess they are different ones than what we did. But still you would think they would stop the wear and tear on them.


  3. I studied the Holler monkeys in Belize at un escavated Mayan Ruins. Stayed at a wonderful place in the jungle.


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