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Christmas Celebration

We had an early Christmas celebration at home prior to leaving on our Christmas cruise on December 23rd. Anthony flew home from college break on Wednesday, December 13th. Kelly flew home on Tuesday, December 19th. Sue and Karl drove in on Friday, December 22nd.


We made our traditional Chicken Fricassee for dinner, with Kelly helping with the noodles.


We had cocktails, of course.


The kids opened their cards from the grandparents, as there were no other presents this year in lieu of the cruise!


Carl and I got one present from Sue and Karl…a jar of pickles for Carl and a candle for me. What more could we possibly need other than being together for Christmas?


We ended our evening with the annual viewing of Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.

I hope that you all had a magical Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Celebration”

  1. A great start to a great week of celebrating. Keeping your tradition of Chicken Fricassee for Christmas dinner I am sure was appreciated. Everyone looks great and ready for their adventure. (jar opener will open those pickles lol)


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