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Time with Family

In addition to celebrating Karl’s birthday and Thanksgiving, we enjoyed just hanging out with the family in Memphis last week.

Ever the dutiful son (or dootyful, in this case…ha!), Carl installed new toilets in his parent’s house, replacing the 40-year old commodes with new, higher, sleeker thrones.


Carl also spent some time working at his sister, Leslie’s house, as well. He’s such a good brother!

We spent time playing cards, including Camp Cards and our new favorite card game taught to us by friend’s at church, 4 Up-4 Down.


We went to an exhibit at the Dixon Art Gallery.


The exhibit was a collection of dresses, entirely made out of paper!


Can you believe this is all paper?


It was pretty cool, especially for a paper crafting enthusiast like myself.


We went to Sue’s friend, Marilyn’s house for authentic Memphis BBQ ribs and coleslaw. I first met Marilyn at my baby shower for Kelly…so that was over 27 years ago!


Sue brought Brandy Ice for dessert…yum!

It was a fantastic time spent with family in Memphis and we are grateful! We look forward to seeing Sue and Karl again in just under a month for our annual Christmas visit. Leslie will be missed but will be with us in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Time with Family”

  1. It was a joyous Thanksgiving having Carl, Kristy & Leslie with us. Missed our son Jim/family & all our grandchildren but we some how managed to enjoy the time we shared. Carl did get a lot of projects completed & of course the “biggie” was the taller new toilets that will make our life…oh so much easier!!!! They are beauts!!!! Thankfully our Germantown garbage service took them away,,,never to be seen again. (Sorry Phil!) Carl did manage to have some done time…like lots of football on TV…game after game after game!! We also enjoyed an evening with our friend Marilyn who graciously hosted a fun dinner with good BBQ, drinks & a lot of laughs. Looking forward to more “family time” at Christmas. We will then be joined by three of our grandchildren! Yay!


  2. Finally up to par to post. Glad Carl put in new thrones for his parents, makes their lives easier. Is there anything he can’t do? I am jealous of the fun time with Marilyn, everything looks fantastic! Gosh, I haven’t had a Brandy Ice in years, I remember how much I loved them. I am a little in awe of the dresses made from paper, so much talent and beauty. It was a great time in Tennessee.


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