The House

Have a Seat Update

The new couches have arrived! Let’s remember what it looked like earlier this week…


And this is what it looks like now, (sort of because the color is really off)….


This is the other angle…


But this is the best part….


A double reclining couch, so now Carl and I can both stretch out our legs! And that last photo is the best representation of the actual color.


Did you also notice that I got a new rug? A larger rug also enabled me to push the furniture back further. The previous couch had to be placed just so to cover a large hole left in the carpet by the previous owners (they gave us a carpet allowance to pay for that but we haven’t quite gotten around to replacing all the carpet yet). This new rug is not only beautiful, but it covers that annoying hole.

We lost some seating going with two couches instead of the sectional. But for the 85% of the time that it’s just Carl and I relaxing and watching movies together, we will be enjoying our new couches.

6 thoughts on “Have a Seat Update”

  1. Looks great, is the true color more on a gray tone? I like the pretty new bigger rug, it gives you a little more room. Good job, can’t wait to try the new couches!!!


  2. A nice addition to the family room… the color & the larger rug is a plus. When we visit, do we get to sit on the recliners once in awhile or is that reserved for the owners???? It will certainly make watching TV a much more enjoyable experience!! Good choice!


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