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Let the Sun Shine, Part Two

After receiving all of the renderings from the awning company, we fell in love with the Bahama Shutters. I used Photoshop to create a rendering with the Bahama shutters and a red door awning.


That was the clear winner! However, we did not fall in love with the price. After doing some investigating, I found that we could order the Bahama Shutters on our own and Carl could install them, saving us over $500 dollars.

This spring, Carl installed the Bahama Shutters.


We love them! They have made a huge difference in the heat coming into the house, with no noticeable difference now felt in my office. Since we got them 3/4 of the way down the window, there is still plenty of light in my office and I can still see out my window while working, which is really nice.

Earlier this week, after about 8 weeks in production, the door awning was finally installed. We actually didn’t go with a bright red as shown in the photo above. The guy said that type of fabric with a solid color is more likely to show fading and wear. The fabric we choose is actually a very fine black and red tweed that he said would hold up in the sun much better.


Here is a photo of the whole front of the house.


You can see the extra shade the awning is providing in the afternoon sun in the photo below….the top two-thirds of the door is now shaded. Time will tell if the heat at the front door is kept at bay with the awning.


This is what the awning looks like when walking out the front door.


Side note: I’ll be so glad to NOT see Anthony’s pick-up truck parked on the driveway when he and I drive it back to college next month! After having it sitting out front for the past school year, I’m not going to miss it!

It’s nice to see my glass door once again, without the paper shade covering it.


We are really happy with our improvements to the front of the house. Functional and pretty…a winning combination!

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